The Eiffel Tower Replica In Slobozia, Romania Is Especially Awesome

This Eiffel Tower Replica That Is Especially Awesome

There are numerous Eiffel Tower replicas around the world, because why not?

But one stands out for being particularly interesting.

Located outside Slobozia, about 75 miles from Bucharest, the replica stands at about 177 feet tall (the actual Eiffel Tower stands at over 1,000 feet). It stands in a private park and was built by a Romanian billionaire. What makes it especially awesome--and gives us even more reason to go--is that there's also a replica of the ranch from "Dallas" on the property of course.

eiffel tower slobozia

eiffel tower slobozia

It gets lit up at night, too. Look for it on a map as "Turnel Eiffel."

But that's not all there is to see in Slobozia. The saltwater Lake Amara, which has healing muds and waters, is the main draw of the area.

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