The Election is Being Stolen in Iraq -- Don't Sit Back and Watch

This morning I posted on my blog about the fraud taking place in the Iraqi election:

After countless Iraqi citizens, American soldiers and NGO workers have put their lives on the line to build democracy in Iraq, the election is being stolen right under our eyes - and the international community is just standing by to watch.

Some of you may have read the article by Michael Hastings about my involvement in the Iraqi elections. I got involved to support an upstart party called Ahrar (Freedom), whose leader Ayad Jamal Aldin was one of the only people truly calling for an end to sectarianism, corruption, and Iranian influence in the country. He has been a strong voice against Iran's meddling in the Iraqi government, despite several attempts against his life.

And now his warnings are proving all too accurate... read more

Today - the 7 year anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq - I forwarded an appeal from Ayad Jamal Aldin to Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and General David Petraeus, urging them to take action and support a full recount of votes cast in the election.

If you believe in preserving democracy around the world please join me today and call on the international community to intervene.

Read my letter to Vice President Joe Biden below:

Dear Mr. Vice President,

I am forwarding an appeal from current Iraqi MP and leader of the Ahrar (Freedom) Party, Ayad Jamal Aldin, regarding allegations of fraud in the recent election. Ahrar is among the many smaller parties in Iraq that are urging the international community to intervene and support an independently monitored recount of all the votes cast.

Over the past few months, I have made several short trips to Baghdad and northern Iraq, and I have met with a number of candidates, volunteers, and Iraqi voters. As you know much better than I do, they have risked their lives in the hope of a free and fair election. I respectfully urge you to support their efforts by demanding a full, internationally monitored recount.

It is my observation from years of work in domestic and foreign democratic efforts that the large scale allegations of fraud are true. Based on my experience as well as looking at polling data and hearing reports on the ground, I strongly believe that this election is being stolen. It is my view that all allegations should be treated as true until an honest recount is held under the strictest international standards.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.


Joe Trippi