The Electoral Results Are In, And You Are Not Alone

Photo by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

Many of us feel desperate because of the Republican sweep of our nation's government: the Hispanic child fearing deportation of herself or her family; the Muslim family fearing verbal and physical abuse; the ill fearing the end of Obamacare, which prohibits denial of insurance for pre-existing conditions; everybody aware of global warming fearing the further erosion of the environment for us all -- humans, other animals and even the plants who are suffering. And we could go on: gay people, workers, minorities, the poor. We want you to know that whoever you are, there are others who are still with you. Look at this: There are still good and caring people in the nation. In fact, not only did the popular vote go to Clinton, but many who voted for Trump do not agree with all his policies. And we are here, too. We in TheInnerRevolution.Org are still fighting for Oneness -- Oneness with all people, Democrats, Republicans, people of all races and the natural world. And we know that there are many others who feel the same way. Donald Trump claims to have been running on a populist message. We are calling on him to stand and deliver and we'll examine how every proposal benefits the highest good of all (see Donald Trump: Stand And Deliver). And we are committing to stay focused on moving forward by reaching out to the real beings behind every label, beings who are more united than we may think (see A Positive Message To Those Of Us Who Opposed Trump).

A tidal wave has rocked the country, and we need a tidal wave, though this may not be the one we wanted. The truth is that we need real change, deep change, Inner Revolutionary change. And we would have had to continue this fight no matter who was elected. We cannot predict what the future will bring, but we ask you to stay positive, to stay focused and to know that you have many brothers and sisters who are still fighting.

We cannot and should not despair. We are everywhere -- in every party, in every gender and in every part of the country. In fact, we trust that there is a caring, concerned person deep in the heart of each American, regardless of how it might look. And so we ask you and ourselves to dedicate ourselves to turning this tidal wave into the wave that truly carries all of us into a more enlightened future. As for us, we, TheInnerRevolution.Org, will continue to work our hearts out to bring about a world where we not only say "We are One;" we actually act with that as our forever guide. This difficult time may bring us much better days. Let's keep the faith and become stronger and more united. With much love.

Beth Green is founder of TheInnerRevolution.Org, host of Inner Revolutionary Radio on and creator of Beth Green TV & Radio on YouTube. You can download a free version of Beth's book Living with Reality at And follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we're building an online community of people who are fighting for a revolution toward Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support.