The Elevator Tweet

Agents, editors and publishers will tell you that the key to successfully selling your book is to master the art of the elevator pitch. What is an elevator pitch? It is defined as a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, profession, product, service, organization or event. The term "elevator pitch" reflects the speed with which you should be able to express an idea or summary, in a 30 second to two minute elevator ride.

If you can sell your idea within that short timeframe, it will hopefully lead to future success. The modern day version of the elevator pitch is the tweet. With just 140 characters allowed, authors can use this enormous platform to "sell" their books in as few words as possible. When readers are trying to decide what book they should pack in their beach bag, the elevator pitch or "tweet" can be a successful tool. I asked a few well-known authors to tweet the plots of their latest novels to see if they were able to distill their work into 140 characters or less. No easy feat but they all excelled! Based on these descriptions, which one will you be including in your beach bag?