The Embarrassed Republicans

Sad to think that it took the Foley situation to get the "Embarrassed Republicans" to start voicing their embarrassment. Nearly six years of lies, incompetence, lies, hate, lies, corruption, lies and war. Misguided, meaningless war that has destroyed the landscape of Iraq and the souls of the Iraqi people. And what has the war done for us, other than line the pockets of Bush, and his father's friends?

Well, you know what they say, you can lie to the American people, take us into an ill-conceived war and subvert the Constitution in the process, but you diddle one page...and it's over. I hope it's over. I'll take the end of what Gingrich started, regardless of how we get there. If it's Mark Foley's body we step over, and hopefully Hastert's as well, then so be it.

DeLay may get away. Cheney. Novak. Armitage. Rumsfeld. All your crypto-facist scum, as well. Bush, too, who will have no trouble raising money from his war-profiteering friends for a library which, I would imagine, will be the most poorly attended of any in our history. That's one certainty we can see on the horizon. Bush really is the worst president in American history. I almost feel sorry for him. Talked into the whole thing by his Dad's cronies. Unskilled. Unprepared. Just a bible in one hand and a copy of the "The Prince" in the other. How many of us knew this would never come to any good? How many of us could smell this guy 500 miles away? 9/11, the most defining moment in our recent history, perhaps in all of our history because it happened while we are perceived as the lone Superpower, and Bush can't get any traction, can't get out of the mud. He's got nothing. Nothing left. Mark Foley's lewd e-mails may actually bring him down. The Embarrassed Republicans want to get this over with. If it was a show on Broadway, it would be closing. The investors want out.

Unfortunately, we don't have that scenario in New York City. A story in yesterday's Times about students disrupting a speech at Columbia by the spokesman for the Minutemen group. They stormed the stage, etc. Mayor Mike "I'll Spend Even More If I Have To" Bloomberg said it was wrong to censor the speaker. This is the same great New York mayor who denied permits to protesters in Central Park during the 2004 Republican convention. No protests! During a convention! IN NEW YORK!!! I have many friends who have bought into Bloomberg's bullshit. Democrats who have forgotten the four "outer boroughs. I think Bloomberg is smart. He's a gentleman. And he's a phony. A Republican who bent over for this administration, which has done NOTHING for New York. If 9/11 happened in Houston, things would have been a lot different.

In California, it seems as surreal as ever. Forget about education and skills and temperament and insight. Phil Angelides has no stock footage of him running from exploding trucks. He hasn't been seen dangling from helicopters, or snapping the necks of terrorists or aliens. Arnold has killed aliens with his bare hands. I suppose there are those who hope he will dispose of some other aliens as well. The California Democratic Party's ineptitude ought to be a lesson to the National Dems. They better start "casting." Casting the role of someone who, in the minds of media-drenched Americans, looks and sounds like a President.