The Emoji Takeover

For some odd reason, all of the little emojis I have on my phone seem to be a much more accurate way of expressing myself than words. Instead of expressing that I am excited, the party emoji quickly takes its place and where I would express that I'm in love with someone else, perhaps the "love-struck cat" emoji might find its way into my text message. I can scroll through my Instagram feed and find that instead of comments there are only emojis. It's a common occurrence, and I too fall victim to being an "emoji queen."

Now, I take being an "emoji queen" as a compliment. The official dictionary definition states that to be an emoji queen is to be someone who would rather use an emoji instead of express what they would like to say or to emphasize the way in which they are feeling. Typically, an "emoji queen" will use an average of two emojis per text. As a self-proclaimed queen of emojis, I have come to realize that what I am doing may not be normal or I may just be following the rapidly changing way in which teens communicate.

The evolution of the way we communicate is quickly progressing. We started all the way back at hieroglyphics which evolved after some time to old English (like Shakespeare) which then transformed into modern English which then rapidly turned into "Cnt wait 2 c u l8r 2night," "LOL" and "BRB" and now it has seemed to turn back into the hieroglyphics, which we have come to love so much.

"Emojis" came onto the scene not too long ago when the iPhone app store was released. Ever since then, emojis have rapidly taken over the way we communicate and all of a sudden a simple semi colon and closed bracket wasn't enough. But is this a bad thing? Maybe? Kind of? To be honest, I am not really that sure. But here's what I can say: using these little emojis seems to be a fun way to spice up a boring ol' text message, so why not use them?

When I look at this objectively I see future generations being illiterate and only being able to express themselves with love-struck cats and flamenco dancing women. Maybe that's a little far fetched, but maybe it isn't. I probably couldn't write this right here in emojis, which gives me a little hope in the English language. Using emojis just makes everything look cuter and sound better. So type away fellow emoji kings and queens!

Why use any words. If a picture is worth a thousand that means an emoji is worth two. Now that it's 2014, emojis speak louder than words.