'The Emperor's New Groove' Might Have A Dark Secret You Didn't Notice

Yeah. This might throw off the emperor's groove.

Everyone used to think Disney's "The Emperor's New Groove" was a story about selflessness, friendship and David Spade using all the jokes he could only say if he were a llama. But we were so wrong ...

As it turns out, the movie may actually have a dark secret that could completely change how you look at it, but as Kuzco would say, "bring it on."

The theory: There's a secret murder in "The Emperor's New Groove."

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In the movie, after Kuzco gets turned into a llama by Yzma, he ends up entering the jungle by himself and sees a fly get caught in a web. The fly pleads, "Help me!" before getting eaten by a spider.

Kuzco calls it "the freakiest thing" he's ever seen, but Redditor lish_94 thinks this scene may be even darker than we already thought. The Redditor explains:

So, my theory is that the fly was originally human. This would explain why Kuzco is able to understand its cries for help, but then it gets brutally eaten by the spider and Kuzco is left mortified.

(Dang. Our childhood memories hurt.)

Could this be true? Was the fly originally human? We've already seen Yzma's potions turn others besides Kuzco into animals, including the guards and herself, so it's possible. Plus, the theory also has some convincing support.

The evidence:

As support, the Redditor points out that the animals that talk in the film were all originally human. Yzma becomes a cat; Kuzco becomes a llama; a guard becomes a cow and has to go home; you get the point. These animals talk perfectly but don't seem to be able to understand the real animals. Sure, the squirrel tries to talk, but it's mostly just gibberish and the other characters need to interpret its gestures to understand.

Unlike the other animals, Kuzco seems to understand the fly's screams perfectly. Why else would he call the fly's death "the freakiest thing" he's ever seen?

Many think the scene is just a reference to the ending of the movie "The Fly," which is probably the case, since that movie also shows a fly in a spiderweb pleading for help. Another Redditor, Dorocche, argues that this idea just further proves the point: the fly in that movie was originally a human, so the fly in "Emperor's" was likely one as well.

Whether or not you feel this theory holds up, it's definitely still enough to throw off Kuzco's groove.

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Never throw off Kuzco's groove.

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