The End Of Apathy (or death by Narcissistic Megalomaniac) Vote NOW

It is a supreme challenge to try and comprehend the Presidential election of 2016. You are forgiven if you find yourself hurling obscenities at complete strangers, going for the xanax during working hours, and struggling with the overwhelming urge to jump off the planet at the sight of someone with orange hair. Relax (or at least take a deep breath), you have not lost your sanity.

It is incredulous at the very least and mind-numbing for certain that the US faces a potentially close contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for Supreme Leader, strike that, President of the United States. While Secretary Clinton has her heavy share of baggage and low approval ratings among the electorate, there can be no rational comparison of her qualifications to be Commander in Chief when compared to Donald Trump. Remember this is the man who, as Jon Stewart rightly informed the world, eats New York pizza with a fork among many, many far more dangerous failings. How many failings altogether? There is not enough time left until the world ends to list them all. But I will make an attempt at his greatest hits.

In case you have been in a coma the past 6 to 12 months and missed the election campaign (congratulations!) here is a far from exhaustive “best of highlights” from Trump’s lies, outrageous positions, and insulting behavior. 1) Assaulting women by right of celebrity through insults, degrading comments, demeaning arbitrary physical ratings based on appearance, sexual assault, physical and verbal abuse. 2) Racial slurs and derogatory comments directed at numerous minorities and religious groups, war heroes, and POWs. 3) Lies, misrepresentations, and living in various alternate realities where facts have no relevance on SO MANY subjects ranging from his support for the War In Iraq to non-existent philanthropy; the truth is whatever he says it is at any given moment and subject to constant revision. 4) Outrageous claims that he is superior at military strategy than the people actually charged with commanding the Military forces of the United States Armed Services and Intelligence Agencies (ALL of them). 5) Praise and support for adversarial foreign powers - especially Russia - even to the point of encouraging them to interfere with US interests that do not support his ideological views. 6) Encouraging divisive, even violent behavior against his perceived detractors or anyone opposing his (alternate reality) world view. 7) Promises to reject and nullify the UNFCCC Paris Climate Treaty which is critical to the stable future of human civilization along with the EPA and environmental regulations in general. The list goes on and on and on....

Secretary Clinton is not perfect but she has throughout a long career in public service shown herself to be rational, extremely capable of navigating a complex world of international relationships, protecting the poor, the disenfranchised, minorities, the health and welfare of every American both at home and abroad, and an evolving position to protect the global climate system and reduce reliance on carbon fuels.

There are but a few days before the general election. The 2016 Presidential election will determine the future course of US policy both on the domestic and international stages between two wholly disparate visions of our world and our place in it. It is your right and privilege as a citizen to vote; the power to determine the future yours to decide.

Apathy undermines democracy. Vote NOW.

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