What's Your Fashion ID?

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For years, I worked in the corporate world wearing none other than a pant/skirt suit, dress pants and a nice top, heels no higher than 2 inches and hair tamed and presentable. My work-life ID was assertive and colorful. My Fashion ID was just like my personality, frank and animated. Well, that got me thinking. Ever meet someone who has a fabulous personality but by looking at them from the outside, you wouldn't believe it because say... they aren't dressing for their body or they are wearing less than presentable clothing? Or the opposite, have you seen a bombshell walking across the street with a stunning Jimmy Choo, a Tohni Bekka Handbag and a beautiful YSL top and you think to yourself... 'he/she must have a lot of fascinating things to say' ... only they don't have a lick of social skills? We call that an Identity Crisis! So I asked a couple of colleagues how they defined their Fashion ID's and this is what I found.

One corporate executive I worked with who, I thought, really seemed to manage his image well, told me that he has 2 ID's. 2 ID's? Seems confusing but he was so aware of himself that he explained one was for work and one for play. After a badgering 15 minutes of my asking him all of these (totally work appropriate) questions, we concluded that no matter what he's wearing; a blue/black suit with a matching tie and cufflinks or a weekend khaki with an ironed 'preppy' shirt, his Fashion ID was all the same because he saw himself as powerful, confident and conservative and his garment choices were based on that premise. He chose how he wanted to be portrayed and so he dressed as such.

Is it that way for everyone?

I then asked a current colleague about her Fashion ID and she told me she was boho chic and loved to express herself wearing lace because she's an old soul and loved to display that era in her clothing and her personality. I was quite surprised after hearing these answers. Are more people aware of their Fashion ID than I thought?

On to me...

Well, I looked through my closet the other day (cleaning it out because I do not wear 3/4 of any of those items anymore and well frankly, I couldn't walk through my 'walk-in'). I found myself drowning in Zara, Ann Taylor, the Limited and Elle Tahari suiting. Although beautiful quality; they are now royal dust collectors on a rack. As I relentlessly took piece by piece off of each hanger, I started thinking about how my Fashion ID is changing and that I have been in an awkward place of transition for some time now (reality check!). Leaving the corporate world and full-timing for my own company (fashion design and fashion PR), it came to me that my routine and life position has changed but my garment choice stayed the same. Awkward self-talk warning... "Why am I pairing this double breasted blazer with these trousers...", and "will I ever wear those kitten heels with that professional pencil skirt?" "Why do I own an unruly amount of brooches?" (Don't judge me, I have a stone obsession).

Knowing I had limited space and, limited time as my husband was going to be home soon and I wanted to surprise him (as if he cares what's happening in my closet anyway...), I decided to expedite the process and edit my closet, my garment choice and my outfit planning. While doing so, I informally started to re-define my Fashion ID. "Fashion ID: self-perspective defined by garment choice, quality of life and style, day to day." - me.

I just wanted to be me so I decided to keep some of the beauties I already owned and decided to accessorize and re-appropriate the usage of some of my timeless pieces! After all, it's definitely not suitable to throw away silk. That's actually illegal...somewhere in the world... I'm sure of it.

It's my perception of me, so that's my Fashion ID. Where I am in life, how I live,and what I want to feel that day. So my fashion ID, is me. No formal definition, just a resourceful look at myself and my permanent place of transition. Can you say the same? What's your Fashion ID?