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The Energy Of Beauty

Sometimes we have to inspire beauty from the outside in. I know what you're thinking: a more enlightened soul sees it the other way around.
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In our lives, there are certain elements that give us energy -- food and color come to mind. When we digest pure, wholesome food that tastes good, our insides sing and we have energy. When we experience a beautiful sunset or put on a bright color of clothing, we experience energy.

When I was asked to detoxify Huffington Post contributing blogger Marissa Campise's beauty routine for the year-long "Total Energy Makeover" with Ashley Koff, I was thrilled, because I appreciate skin-care and makeup for the energy they offer. Both give us energy, and energy makes us feel good. And sometimes looking good is synonymous with feeling good. Sometimes we have to inspire beauty from the outside in.

I know what you're thinking: a more enlightened soul sees it the other way around. While I consider myself to be enlightened, I also believe in an extra boost via fabulous skin fed with wholesome ingredients, and a little added color to make us shine bright like the sun.

I worked with Marissa for two weeks. From the first day she wore no makeup but had a vibrancy that was bright and bold like a her favorite color -- green. She didn't want a lot of color on her face but admired the vibrancy in her eyes with the help of subtle purple liner. She changed her diet and has felt, as she puts it, "lighter and brighter" since eating healthier food gives us more energy.

Like of us all she wants success in skin-care, like most of us she goes for the gimmicks and the glam of the bright lights and the celebrities selling us products. They make us feel good at first but just like too many nights on the town it takes a toll. Superficial ingredients, superficial results. So my challenge to Marissa, myself and all of you is to put real energy into how we approach our beauty routine.

Here are my tips to get beauty from the outside in:

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleaning is always good to the soul, so let's make cleaning our face more of a soulful experience. Take out your products and take your time, look in the mirror as you wash away all the toxic experiences of the day, take a breath and let it go. As you cleanse you are also replenishing, with water, with pure ingredients. Take this time to think about a new beginning. Now look at your face, feel the energy. Add some moisture, truly food for your face, and take your time like you're eating a wholesome meal full of vitamins and antioxidants. Feel the energy, admire all of the perfections that we sometimes call flaws and take time to feel alive.

Color can be key. Close your eyes: what does aqua feel like? What does cherry taste like? What emotion does your favorite color bring out in you? Now bring it to your face. Take away yesterday's lack of sleep or anxiety with a little bit of concealer around the eyes -- give yourself energy. Put on your own vote of confidence with sexy pink gloss. Give yourself energy to go get the raise you want with your favorite shade of purple and a wipe of simulated sun called bronze across your cheeks. This is the energy of beauty, non-toxic to the face, body and spirit. Now for the non-toxic product tips; I hope they give your beauty more energy!

We recommended cleaning and toning Marissa's face with delicate, gentle products that contain ingredients like rose, neroli, lavender and chamomile. So we looked to JaimeEarl Skincare. These products are indulgent, clean and organic. Next we recommended that Marissa moisturize her skin with Kimberly Sayer of London Daily Moisturizing Day Cream with antoxidants and SPF25. We love that it's infused with ingredients like apricot kernel oil and squalane. The brand's eye cream is fantastic as well. Marissa likes glycolic peels, so we recommended trying active naturals (with naturally-occurring glycolic AHA's). For this we turn to Source Naturals Skin Eternal serum. Source Naturals also makes a corresponding vitamin with the same name, really feeding your skin from the inside out.

Now for the color.We gave Marissa a few products to try, allowing her to decide what gives her face the most energy. Here is a shopping list of products:

Glo Minerals We like their duo concealer replacing Marissa's current brand).

- This brand has excellent liquid foundation with a very light texture, which is what Marissa prefers for her day. This foundation is like organic food: full of pure ingredients.

Vapour Organic Beauty- We love this foundation for a bit more coverage for evening. We call it organic air, since it feels like nothing on earth.

Joise Maran- Amazing products infused with organic moroccan aragan oil, the newest member of world of organic glam. We love the tinted moisturizer, and the blush in Passion, though every shade seems to add a perfect tint of color.

ZuZu Luxe -We love this non toxic color line; the eyeliners are fun, energetic and playful. Marissa loved Indigo for day to bring focus to her eyes without shouting.

Bare Escentuals -We love so many products by this pioneer in mineral makeup. Their mascara is the best around, along with all the vibrant colors that make you feel alive, like you're riding a carousel. Bare Escentuals has something for everyone. We left Marissa with an array of colors to play.

Mica Bella- We absolutely love their eyeshadow primer, which is made specifically for loose mineral eyeshadow. They also have a wonderful arsenal of playful colors. Sometimes working with loose mineral powders is tricky, so we gave Marissa Shadow Shields to place under her eyes to protect her makeup when she needs to go from day to evening in a hurry.

We left the most important product for last. I tell all of my clients to treat their lipstick and gloss like food, the best organic food you can possibly eat. In actuality you do eat it! Here are my lip color picks:

Colorganics- One of my favorite lipsticks. All organic, and there's a color for everyone's energy from light to goth. The brand also has cool "Karma Glosses." Other favorites for lipsticks and glosses are Eco Nvey and Vapour.

I wish you love, good food, beautiful skin and shining color, but most of all I wish you energy!