The Entrepreneurial Revolution!


Employment is dead, long live Entrepreneurialism.

The days of regularised employment are numbered. We are standing on the brink of a revolution brought force by technological advancement. We no longer have to work long hours for bureaucratically obtuse multi-nationals instead we have a choice; we are in the age of agility and entrepreneurialism and we control our own destiny in relation to our careers.

The new normal in this world is entrepreneurialism and exploitation of a globally connected world. Every day sees the proliferation of new freelancers and contractors looking to embrace the opportunities offered to the entrepreneurial generation. Whether you're employed by an established company or within a newly minted enterprise it would be prudent to pay attention to the recent developments and impending opportunities affording you alternative additional streams of revenue.

The Entrepreneurial Generation Is Alive
In the United States alone there are 23.3m millennials embracing the Entrepreneurial mindset and actively pursuing alternative routes of employment and earnings. This propensity towards modern careers is revolutionising a whole generations mindset regarding what constitutes work.

The tremendous advances in mobile technology has enforced this revolution. Mobile platforms have established the most innovative workplace in history ensured by the fact it is one that never closes. The internet and eCommerce has altered the course of employment history and we are just beginning to scratch the surface of how it will contribute to future earnings.

The internet has awoken the world to the fact they can survive financially without reliance on traditional modes of employment or linear careers within one company. They are embracing entrepreneurialism, trusting themselves and benefitting from perks they could only have dreamed of working at the archaic dinosaurs their parents are employed by.

The emergence of robots and artificial intelligence as a viable replacement of human labour will only increase this shift and quicken its adoption. I can foresee a future where you have no alternative but to entrepreneurially employ the skills you have acquired in a freelance role. To stay ahead we must attain and procure skills that cannot be replicated by machines otherwise the financial elite will have even more power than they already posses.

The Post Industrial Economy
The post industrial economy is the antithesis of the industrial revolution. It is undefinable due to its eclecticness, diversity and variance. It is unrestrained by repetition and revels in its ability to juxtapose historical precedent. It has destroyed production lines, massacred mimicry and enabled uniqueness on a scale not seen since the industrial revolution enabled the manufacture of standardised components. We are in a post-standardised world which needn't conform to expectations or limits.

The New World Order
Why should the only wage your online contributions pay be a boost of self esteem? The world is changing and tech companies need to recognise this or face death like their predecessors. What do myspace, bebo and yahoo all have in common? They all succumbed to their competitors who offered a superior level of customer service and satisfaction.

The next stage in Social media development will be remuneration which will see the redistribution of profit in real pounds and dollars to its network of users. It will no longer be enough to simply trade in good feeling with likes or virtual love hearts. Social networks depend on active regular users affording the mining of data resulting in advertising opportunities and the sale of the information you create.

Why shouldn't users receive reward for their participation, curation and contributions? It would be ludicrous for users to continue down such a one sided path for no reward. To do so, at the detriment of your own privacy and online safety, for the profit of CEO's who's companies ultimately negatively impact the lives of the public would be outrageously shortsighted and careless.

Sceptical? The revolution has already begun.

Whilst a majority of the worlds population has liked, contributed content, commented or shared information via their social media profiles for free, a small number of companies at the forefront of this revolution are already changing the face of this technology forever. They have altered the equation and shifted the balance in favour of the user.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace where tasks and services are offered to it's community for completion beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed. The site is primarily used by freelancers who offer their services to customers worldwide.

Doesn't sound like much? The initial $5 can quickly spiral and grow to become big business once you have a customer through the door. For example, you are paid $5 for the first 125 words you write for a blog. If the blog post is 1,000 words long... you get the idea.

Streetbees is an online platform enabling consumer brands to tap into a global army of smartphone users, known as 'Bees'. Essentially it allows any smartphone owner anywhere in the world to earn money for completing tasks offered on the app. It is currently paying each user £5 for taking a picture of the drinks aisle in their local supermarket.

Furthermore if you refer a friend to the service it will pay you £5 each time they complete a campaign. You can see how your earnings can quickly add up.

TaskRabbit is the smart way to get things done by connecting you with others in your neighbourhood. TaskRabbit prides itself on the ability to find the best person in the world to help you with your task.

Basically it is a list of errands people don't want to do and TaskRabbit finds someone and pays you to undertake the work.

The most famous of all entrepreneurial companies. It offers anyone, anywhere in the world the opportunity to earn money by working as a personal driver. Got a smart phone and a car? Than you to can easily earn money as an Uber driver.

Ready to Become Part of This New Exciting World?
Why haven't you already begun? You could be the best person in the world for any of the available jobs or tasks for any of the above companies and be earning real cash right now. Download the apps and see how easily, and how much, you could earn.

Vive La Revolution!