The Entrepreneurial Spirit!


Over the past few weeks I have been a customer visiting many stores in our local boutiques and malls. As a visitor my mind reflects on my career department store days before forging out on my own to create self-esteem dressing consulting and as a keynote speaker. Retailing in many forms was my vision since childhood. I loved the visual displays, the merchandise stacked out and the energy these establishments brought to me.

For a few years we lived with my grandmother in Philadelphia. She had a large rambling house with a big basement that housed the noisy furnace, wash tubs and a connected garage. Those were the days when young girls would gather and start a "Club." This togetherness took many forms and titles. One day I asked my friends to join my "Store" club. I came up with the idea at 7 to start a retail establishment in the basement. Where would I get merchandise? I roamed the house and looked for inspiration. I selected a box of chocolate covered coconut patties to start the inventory. The next item chosen was a decorative package of various sized needles. On and on my selections grew with permission of course.

The "Store" opened the following Saturday morning. Each article was priced from one penny to five cents and beautifully displayed. The friends came, shopped and left with their treasures. The money was deposited in a bright ceramic bank.

Three weeks later the store closed. The inventory was depleted and permission used up. On we went to another creative reason for joining together. The money collected was used for a "going out of business" party.

My retail experiences started me on the path to the future and on to bringing the entrepreneurial spirit to life!

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