The Essential Piece

For years I have been teaching about completing and how essential determining the next action is to moving something to completion. I love this word "essential" and recently discovered a book by Greg McKeown titled Essentialism.

I am pretty essential in the action department and have calmed down the over creation. Very recently I have turned my attention to communication with myself and others using essential as my barometer.

It's so easy for me to just talk for the sake of talking without thinking about truly adding value to the conversation. Do people really need to hear it all?

I am using what I am calling my "inner pause and delete buttons" and asking myself if what I am about to text, email or speak is actually essential. If not, then I engage the delete button.

The trickiest part is me with me. I am watching my mind chatter and choosing both the inner pause and delete buttons for the thoughts that are unsupportive or critical in nature, especially things that have happened that I can't change. Rehashing is not only not-essential but can also lead to emotional downward spirals and keeping any judgments alive.

In all of this the ultimate goal is to contribute the essential part of me--my loving observation and presence. My sense is we are all seeking the essential selves in each other.

Martha Invitations

1. In your next conversation (either on email or in person) ask if it what you are expressing is essential to say.

2. When you hear the same old stuff repeating in your head invite yourself to lovingly push your inner delete button.

3. Ask the essential part of you to do the talking and writing.

4. And it goes without saying; continue practicing the essential actions - the weekly review, writing down and tracking your ideas and actions and keeping the agreements you make.