The Estate of Joel Mesler at NADA New York

2016-05-05-1462459001-1341118-jm.236e.jpg 2016-05-05-1462459043-8508371-jm.240e.jpg

Cultural Counsel, the PR firm launched by Adam Abdalla, will present a sizable body of work by gallerist Joel Mesler at NADA New York.

Mesler, who combines provisional line drawings with handwritten text, is guided by an associative deconstruction of art history and everyday experiences. His work is full of humor as he examines the anxious tension between his existence as both a dealer and an artist.

"I'd spent my whole career as an art dealer...trying to subvert this role, making it into a joke, taking it seriously as if by accident, only to come to New York and realize that being an art dealer was the only thing I was good at," he recently wrote in ARTnews. 

The booth will be displayed salon style and include unframed works on paper and paintings on linen. NADA New York runs until May 8 at Basketball City (299 South Street on the East River).

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