'The Expendables 2' Comic-Con Panel: The 9 Nuttiest Things That Happened

Sly & Arnie Talk Muscles, Spelling Bees And 'Junior' At Comic-Con

"The Expendables," a movie that you thought starred every action hero from 1980s, now has a sequel -- which actually does include every action star from the 1980s. Those action stars -- including Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- took the stage in Hall H at Comic-Con on Thursday night to talk about their new film, "Expendables 2". Things got weird.

Here are nine nuttiest things that happened during the "The Expendables 2" Comic-Con panel.

Stallone's favorite Schwarzenegger movie is "Junior."

A fan in Hall H asked Stallone what his favorite Schwarzenegger movie was. Stallone, without hesitation, answered "Junior." This is funny because "Junior" is a bad movie. Before Arnold could retort, Stallone beat him to the punch and made his own "Stop Or My Mom WIll Shoot" joke.

Stallone wants to challenge the cast to a spelling bee.

After Schwarzenegger joked that Stallone was "his English teacher" when the former governor of California first moved to the United States, Stallone took it to another level, suggesting that the cast should participate in a spelling bee. (Personally, I would pay $125 for a ticket to this event.)

Schwarzenegger really does want to make a sequel to "Twins."

A twin brother tandem from the crowd asked Schwarzenegger about the "Twins" sequel, which was amusing. And, yes, Schwarzenegger really does want to make a sequel to "Twins" called -- if he gets his way -- "Triplets." (Eddie Murphy has been rumored to star with Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as the third brother.)

Don't ask for autographs when asking a question of Sylvester Stallone.

Given the opportunity to ask Sylvester Stallone anything, a self-proclaimed "lifelong fan" instead asked for an autograph. This is not allowed at Comic-Con, for good reasons -- that would be boring to watch -- and the fan's microphone was shut off. Stallone, being a good sport, said he'd do it anyway (though, he didn't look 100 percent pleased). Unfortunately for the fan, Comic-Con personnel went ahead and overrode Stallone.

Schwarzenegger has heard your lame impression before.

Another audience member directed a question to Schwarzenegger, only the entire question was done while performing a not-so-great Schwarzenegger impression. The best part about this was that Schwarzenegger's reaction could best be described as "benign"; that he's just so used to it, nothing phases him.

Stallone might actually believe he's killed other human beings.

Honestly, at least ten times Stallone made a reference to the fact that he's "killed thousands of guys," often comparing how many he's killed to Schwarzenegger's body count. By the end of the panel, I'm now convinced that Stallone thinks he actually killed all of those people. And, honestly, from an entertainment standpoint, this is probably a good thing.

Surprisingly, no one booed during Schwarzenegger's "action montage."

Not that anyone in Hall H is there to jeer the ex-governor about his fiscal policies, but during a montage of his "greatest hits,' a lengthy scene of Arnold as Mr. Freeze from "Batman & Robin" was included. Now, the crowd was having a good time with this montage, but once Mr. Freeze popped up, boy, everyone went silent. My best guess: We were five more seconds away from some light booing. (Sadly, in the same sort of montage done for Stallone, "The Party at Kitty and Stud's" was not included. C'mon, own it, Sly.)

These guys love to talk about muscles.

I mean, seriously, these guys love muscle talk. Schwarzenegger made it his mission to point out how much muscle mass Terry Crews has gained since they worked together on "The Sixth Day." When Schwarzenegger guessed that Crews had 6 percent body fat, Crews immediately interrupted to correct that number at, instead, 4 percent. At one point there was a discussion about oiling muscles that I will just go ahead and spare you from experiencing.

Jedi's love action movies.

A man dressed as a Jedi -- with an ignited lightsaber, naturally -- told the cast of "The Expendables 2" that they were "his heroes." I have nothing more to add to this, other than this was the very moment that I finally realized I was indeed at Comic-Con.

Mike Ryan is senior entertainment writer for The Huffington Post. He is very tired. You can contact Mike Ryan directly on Twitter.

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