The Extra Kiss

The extra kiss, that extra hug/Your kids keep asking for at night./Their blanket isn't very snug, And pillow isn't feeling right.
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The extra kiss, that extra hug
Your kids keep asking for at night.
Their blanket isn't very snug,
And pillow isn't feeling right

The water bottle you just filled
Is great but still not cold enough,
All prior wishes you fulfilled
Get lost in an avalanche of stuff.

"Don't close the door, no wait... please do,"
"You talk too loud, I cannot sleep."
And then a sudden peekaboo
Just when you thought they're counting sheep...

A few more straws and you are done.
You snap at them and raise your voice,
You tell them it's no longer fun,
And they no longer have a choice.

"Just go to bed and don't come out!"
"And if you do there'll be a price!"
But as you're rambling about
You catch a glimpse of their sad eyes...

And all your anger gets replaced
By crushing surges of regret.
Your hands embrace their little face
That you have managed to upset.

You say you're sorry and you hug,
And get forgiveness right away.
Then tuck them in so they are snug,
Kiss them again so they're OK.

Turn off the lights and close the door,
And smile because you love them so.
Your time -- yours isn't anymore
And won't be till they fully grow.

But when they do you'll be the one
Who begs to get that extra kiss.
So hug your daughter or your son
And treasure moments such as this!