The Eyes of a Drag Queen

fancy drag queen in green dress ...
fancy drag queen in green dress ...

Drag queens have amazing eyes, and I'm not referring to how they paint their eyes, even though those are fabulous. What I'm referring to is how drag queens see the world. In my opinion, drag queens don't see the world like the rest of us do, and that is a good thing, for if they didn't, we would lose out on their art.

Drag queens have the ability to see the world through the eyes of a child, what I call joyful eyes. Please don't think I mean that as an insult; it's quite the opposite. I feel that being able to see the world in this way is quite a blessing. It's an ability I wish I possessed.

The more performances I see, not only by Vivian but by other queens, the more I notice this ability. When drag queens are onstage, they are not only entertaining the audience but doing something they get complete enjoyment out of. Stop for one moment and break down what a drag queen is doing onstage. In its simplest form, what they are doing is playing; they are lip-synching to their chosen song in order to entertain. This is something I'm sure we all did as children, and I'm sure some of us still do it if we are alone, yet we could never dream of doing it in front of others, but children would, and so do drag queens.

Along with lip-synching, drag queens bring characters to life. Some create characters based on people from their childhood, some create characters based on current or past events, and some create completely new characters. Once again, this is something I'm sure we all did as children. Who doesn't remember playing "cowboys and Indians" or "house" or acting out their favorite movie or TV show with friends? I know I do, and I can honestly say I miss those days. But drag queens are doing it and bringing enjoyment to all of us.

Then there is what drag queens can, for lack of better words, "get away" with. Drag queens can say or doing almost anything they want, because others find humor in it or know it's truthful -- just like being a child.

Drag queens don't see color or gender or mannerism in their fellow queens. All they see is another human being, just like we all used to do when were younger. Remember the times when we didn't judge someone base on how they acted or looked? All we saw was someone to play with.

Now, before you misinterpret what I'm saying, I am not saying drag queens are children. What I'm saying is that they have rediscovered a way to enjoy life that most of us knew as children, and I envy that.

It's a way of looking at the world that brings joy and wonderment. That is a vision we could all benefit from.

This blog post originally appeared on Diary of a Drag Queen's Husband.