The Faith ful Shopper: Superstore Savings

Autumn leaves and chillier temperatures are a sure sign that it's time to prepare for winter, stocking up on needed items to get us through the months to come. Fortunately, the big-box revolution (aka superstores) that took over the suburbs years ago also has come to the five boroughs. They've reconfigured their one-level stores to multi-story urban spaces, allowing us New Yorkers the opportunity for one-stop value shopping that saves time and money.

Whether you're looking for organic foods, home repair items or that flat-screen, 3D television you've been promising yourself for the holidays, the city has a number of superstores to help. It's time to think big!


Home Depot - 40 West 23rd Street - 908 Third Avenue
Everything to improve your home from tools to appliances to lamps to cabinetry to
drywall. Who needs anywhere else?

Container Store - 629 Sixth Avenue - 725 Lexington Avenue
Multiple levels of shelving, hangers, gift packaging, gifts, and laundry organizers -
an absolute necessity for cramped city living and giving!


Best Buy - 622 Broadway - 52 East 145th Street - 60 West 23rd Street - 517 East 117th
Street - 529 Fifth Avenue - 1880 Broadway - 1280 Lexington Avenue
The main national survivor of the electronics superstore wars, it's powerful enough to
have exclusive CDs and DVD packages - as well as appliances, and the latest in
technology, including 3D televisions!

J&R - 23 Park Row
Is it J&R Music World? J&R Computer World? J&R Camera World? Yes to all. Great
equipment at great prices by a New York mainstay.

B&H Photo - 420 Ninth Avenue
The best in camera and television equipment for both your home and for professionals.
A true specialty superstore.

PC Richard & Son - 53 West 23rd Street - 120 East 14th Street - 205 East 86th Street -
2372 Broadway... And more!
The local hero among electronics chains - 101 years young, and some of the best sales-
people and deals around for all of your television, home appliance and computer needs.


Target - 517 East 119th Street.
From toys to electronics to apparel to decorations to groceries - find it here at great
prices. Also several locations in the outer boroughs.

Costco - 517 East 117th Street - Also Queens and Brooklyn
The upscale membership warehouse - look for designer clothing, fine wines, auto parts,
appliances, and electronics at amazing savings.

Kmart - 250 West 34th Street - 770 Broadway
Grocery items, clothing, jewelry, Kenmore appliances (it's a sister store of Sears), and
a headquarters for holiday decorations on a budget.


Whole Foods - 250 7th Avenue - 10 Columbus Circle - 4 Union Square South
A one-stop shop for healthy eating, with produce, an in-house bakery, catering, meats,
cheeses, etc. Who needs a kitchen?

Trader Joe's - 675 Sixth Avenue - 142 East 14th Street - 138 East 14th Street (Wine Shop)
Specialty foods (including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and Kosher options) from a
number of vendors in a fun atmosphere.

Fairway Market - 2328 12th Avenue - 2127 Broadway - 480 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn
Artisanal cheeses, fresh prepared hot food, and a major catering service elevate
Fairway well beyond your typical supermarket to a phenomenon.


Sports Authority - 636 Sixth Avenue - 845 Third Avenue
Offers equipment, shoes, clothing, team merchandise in a high-energy atmosphere.


Barnes & Noble - 396 Madison Avenue - 33 East 17th Street - 555 Fifth Avenue and
Lose yourself in the stacks of these megastores, which host readings and author
appearances as well as selling books, CDs, and DVDs.

Borders - 2 Penn Plaza - 10 Columbus Circle - 461 Park Avenue and more...
Also a headquarters for books, entertainment, posters and more.

Clearly, the big boxes have found a way to come into the city -- and New York's consumers are the better for it. Save time and money by taking care of multiple needs in one big store this season, and have more time to celebrate. Happy shopping!