The Family Guy- Boris Kodjoe Supports ABFF And Gold Peak Tea

Boris Kodjoe--to the eye of the beholder, 6'4", tall, dark and strikingly handsome--is not just your average good (better than good) looking Black man. If you do your research, Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe, is an Austrian-born, German and Ghanaian actor/model living in America. And you know how we Americans roll, you're either Black or White. So we'll take him.

His better known credits are the Showtime series Soul Food, and feature films The Gospel, Brown Sugar, and Resident Evil: Afterlife. He also starred in the NBC action/drama Undercovers (What ever happened to that show?).

Actress Nicole Ari Parker, his wife of seven years, is equally as stunning. They personally remind me of two other power couples, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis, and Michelle and Barack Obama. The chemistry that you see on the screen is a real connection between the two. There's not enough acting in the world to make anyone believe that they wouldn't walk through fire for each other. They've collaborated on many projects, most notably, their two beautiful children. However, they still maintain their individuality, taking on separate projects. Parker is presently starring on Broadway in A Streetcar Named Desire. I will be there front and center before the curtain goes down on July 22, 2012.

Boris Kodjoe is charismatic, personable and knows how to work the room. He commands attention, but not in the "Hey, look at me!" kind of way. His swagger, his smile and warm, inviting demeanor make everyone take notice. He makes eye contact when speaking to you, and draws you in. Once you get past the good looks, get control of yourself, snap back into reality and get to the heart of things--the interview--you see that this is a real man. He's a man of substance, character, and integrity. How can I say that after just a seven minute interview? Easy. We talked mostly about his family values.

The questions were designed for readers to see these "celebrities" as humans, to show them beyond their work; to underscore the things that we can't see on the big screen or on TV, the things that bring them down to earth and take away their perceived super-human powers. We want to know more. And he delivers.

Kodjoe came to Miami to support the American Black Film Festival (ABFF), which features the work of up and coming artists, and to promote his new role as Brand Ambassador for Gold Peak Tea. Might I add, it's pretty tasty. Presently Gold Peak Tea is running a campaign entitled, "Take the Year Off", where a deserving person, who dares to dream will be paid $100, 000 and get a year off from work to pursue their passion. The money will give the winner the chance to stay home and focus on their acting ambition, write the next great American novel, start a nonprofit, or simply kick back and relax, for a change. What an exciting opportunity! I would buy whatever Boris Kodjoe is selling, but this definitely spices things up even more. For your shot at this grand prize, Boris Kodjoe invites you to sign up at No purchase is necessary to participate, but Gold Peak Tea is available at local supermarkets, convenience stores, mass retailers and select restaurant partners nationwide. Drink up, good people.

Kodjoe aims to be a positive role model, as his celebrity beckons him to do. And perhaps the most compelling role he wants to play is that of father--to raise his children to become "self-thinking citizens of the world." More than just an actor, Boris Kodjoe is an Actor-vist.