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The Fashion Forward Style of Designer Nicole Miller

From her cutting edge designs, to introducing one of the first lower-priced fashion lines, Nicole Miller takes risks.
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Pictured: Designer Nicole Miller steps out after her runway show at New York Fashion Week. (photo courtesy of Nicole Miller)

Designer Nicole Miller has always been fashion forward. From her cutting edge designs, to introducing one of the first lower-priced fashion lines, she takes risks. Nicole was one of the first designers to make her fashions accessible with a bridge line collection from JC Penney in 2005. This month marks a series of personal appearances by the designer in a few lucky US cities, just in time for Mother's Day. One of these is a special benefit to help raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) in Nashville, Tennesse. Nicole Miller will present her latest designs at at a special fashion show on Tuesday, April 27, 2010, from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

I had the opportunity to interview Nicole Miller before she heads out to meet the ladies that wear, and some who want to wear, her beautiful clothes. I asked Nicole about her style, and how she would define it. She thinks for a moment. Ms. Miller categorizes her style as "Very fashion forward, avant-garde, made from unusual special fabrics with an element of surprise to them." She tells me this vision translates to her entire line.

""I was originally known for the Little Black Dress" she notes. "Through the years it's been the evolution of the Little Black Dress, with a very body conscious, very flattering design." One look at her current collection and you see what she is talking about. Her line includes a series of amazing Techno Metal dresses, with strategically placed tucks to achieve her figure flattering, body skimming style. The style is a red carpet favorite and I've seen it worn at many fashion and entertainment events in Los Angeles.

Pictured: Nicole Miller's Strapless Techno Metal Dress in Silver. (photo courtesy of Nicole Miller)

Of her unique line of metal like dresses, Ms. Miller considers her metal dress the "must have" piece in her current line. She tells me, "I think I am the only one doing that, the only one using the fabric." The fabric is a unique blend of polyester, metal, nylon, and elastane. I had to ask if the metal dresses will ever been part of her bridge line collection. Unfortunately, the answer is no since the unique fabric can't be reproduced for budget prices.

For lower priced looks, check out Nicole by Nicole Miller at JC Penney. She laughs when I tell her she may have been the first recessionista designer with a low priced collections in stores five years ago. "Has it been that long?" she says. Ms. Miller is clearly proud of her JC Penney collection. She notes, "It's been successful since it launched and continues to be successful." The line features both casual and work wear offering printed dresses and tops, plus jackets and pants. Her "Smart Suit" designed for JC Penney in 2007 was heralded as the first machine washable suit.

Whether you choose Nicole Miller or Nicole Miller for JC Penney, Ms. Miller's fashion forward vision and flattering fit is readily apparent. Of current style trends, the designer tells me she likes leggings, chunky shoes, platform shoes, and tunics. "It's a great time to dress," she notes. Especially if you have some Nicole Miller in your closet.