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The Fashion World Is Really Trying To Make Crocs 'It' Shoes

Would you rock these Crocs?

It’s happened: Crocs have hit the runway, friends.

As part of London Fashion Week, designer Christopher Kane sent his models out wearing his spring 2017 collection with rock-clad Crocs on Monday.

The Crocs were decked out in sodalite, malachite, Red Leopard, Zebra Jasper and diaspro, according to a release from the brand.

These are the shoe equivalent of a trainwreck. We can’t look away.

Disturbed? Intrigued? Sort of want to buy these? Well, if you’re in the latter camp, you’re in luck. According to Footwear News, these babies are going to be produced and sold (but are not quite yet available).

For those who have their credit cards ready, live your truth. We’re still cringing over here.

We really shouldn’t be surprised at this collaboration because Vogue told us in July that Uggs and Crocs are “poised for a comeback.” They warned us, we just didn’t listen.

These Crocs are honestly pretty chic when you think of other, way more gnarly collaborations that have happened recently ― here’s looking at you, Teva x Ugg Hybrid boot.

That said, would we rock these Crocs? Probably not. But we appreciate the enthusiasm Christopher Kane has for the foam footwear. At the very least, he gets points for trying.

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