The Faster You Can Learn, The Faster You Can Earn. This Brain Power Podcast Is A Must-Listen For Every Entrepreneur

Ask any entrepreneur how they continue their independent education and they’ll most likely say books, YouTube videos, and podcasts. It’s just part of the entrepreneur lifestyle. Learning has to happen on the go, and when pulling a book out isn’t convenient, the next best option is to put your headphones in and turn on a podcast.

The challenge with podcasts, however, is many tend to be informative but long. Even the best podcasts out there can be dense, and unless you have a full forty-five minutes, you can’t quickly extract the information you need. And if there’s one audience who struggles with paying attention for long periods of time, it tends to be entrepreneurs.

Which is exactly what makes the Kwik Brain podcast so cool. First of all, every entrepreneur is a lifehacker in some form or another. Entrepreneurship is all about doing more with less, and being able to get things done quickly but effectively. One of the best things you could possibly invest in, aside from knowledge itself, is the art of learning how to learn.

Second, the Kwik Brain podcast is designed to convey powerful, bite-sized pieces of information. Episodes range from how to consistently remember names in any situation and speed-reading a business book every week, to creating new habits faster and giving speeches from memory without notes. I personally remember names way more often and can read quite a bit faster since listening to Jim. The techniques are spot on.

As Founder Jim Kwik explains it, “People want the essential information right now, and they want something that’s usable but also interesting. And if you look at the 200+ reviews of the podcast, every single one of them loves and appreciates the quickness of it. People say, ‘I learned something in 10 minutes. Where else can I do that?’ That’s the real value of the podcast.”

Some background on the podcast host, Jim Kwik: he suffered a traumatic brain injury at just 5 years old, and struggled with memory and focus skills all growing up. But, similar to many other entrepreneurs, he turned this weakness into a strength, and began to develop his own methods for learning, memorization, speed-reading and more.

Today, he is the CEO of Kwik Learning, an online education platform, and an international speaker and recognized brain coach—operating with the mission to show people what their brains are truly capable of.

“When I first started the podcast, we started with this idea of learning faster in our first episode. I have always wanted to help people achieve real, rapid results, and so our first one was called Learn Anything Faster, specifically for entrepreneurs and executives. It was focused around the ability to learn faster, because we live in this knowledge economy where information isn’t just power, but also profit,” he said.

This is really the golden intersection for Kwik, and what he believes is imperative for today’s leaders to understand. Unlike school, our brains are not intended to just be memorization capsules. What is far more powerful is an understanding of how our brains function, so that we can use them to our advantage in the ways we need.

These techniques, by the way, are what have made Kwik a high sought-out brain trainer for top organizations, including Virgin, Nike, Zappos, SpaceX, NYU, GE, Fox Studios, Harvard Business School, and more.

“People forget (no pun intended) how valuable their brains really are. Take an executive or entrepreneur, for example. When you have a memory lapse, when you forget the meaning of a word, or forget the last conversation you had, or even forget a person’s name, it gives off the impression that you don’t care. You’re seen as incompetent. I have seen memory losses at the wrong time, and it can kill a sale, break a deal, and even hurt a relationship,” he said.

So the next time you find yourself with ten minutes to spare, turn on an episode of Kwik Brain.

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