The Fastest Way to Achieve Gender Equality Is To Take the Gender Equality Test

The fastest way to achieve Gender Equality is to use the Gender Equality Scale (GES) as a Personal Power Tool. Think of a conflict you want to resolve. It points to the heart of the conflict and offers an instant strategy for resolving it. Post the GES on the refrigerator to help strengthen a marriage or a relationship. Post it on the wall beside the water cooler at work, or place it on your desktop to help create a harassment-free workplace. When used as a poster in the boardroom, a classroom or cafeteria, it serves as a silent reminder that we’re smarter and stronger together. Patent-pending and based on a dozen fields of science, the Gender Equality Scale takes 10 powerful masculine traits and pairs them with 10 different, powerful feminine traits. When placed in a dynamic synergy, this constellation of traits engage our WHOLE brain. As a 1-page whole brain learning process, it instantly energizes us.

Could this be the human equivalent of E=MC² ?

10TRAITS Gender Equality Tool is now available to backers and early adopters on Kickstarter.

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