The Fastest Way to Stand Out From the Crowd


Let's be real, when a woman wants to hire a coach to support her in her journey, there are a lot of options.

What if I told you there is one way to make yourself stand out above the rest, and it's something you're already familiar with whether you realize it or not?

I'm talking about Integrity. Each person has their own personal definition of integrity. I define integrity as keeping your word.

Picture this. You're booked for a podcast interview. Once the date and time is established, the host goes silent. You receive no further information about how the call is happening. Still nothing once the interview time rolls around. Ten minutes after the scheduled time you get called on Skype for the interview and the host doesn't say a word about being late or the lack of communication the week prior. What gives?! If you're anything like me you'd feel irritated, like your time was not honored or valued, and question if the interview is even worth doing.

Integrity is delivering what you promise when you promise it with top of the line service and stellar communication, and it is the fastest way to stand out in your business.

Listen, I'm not saying you'll never make a mistake, or miss a call, but how do you handle it? In the podcast example, a simple acknowledgment of the lack of communication and late call start would have gone miles - maybe you'd even go through with the interview. Without it you're left feeling disrespected and unlikely to deal with that person again.

People will remember the energy you bring when you interact with them and how you make them feel. When they know they can count on you, they will keep coming back again and again.

How is your personal integrity? Examine all areas of your life from a place of non-judgement. If you're missing client calls, forgetting appointments, or not communicating adequately, chances are you may be out of personal integrity and alignment. I personally have a 3 Step Process to bring more integrity to my life and business that I also teach my clients.

Get to the bottom of it by taking a magnifying glass to those areas where you break your word to yourself. It's easy to commit to a 5pm yoga class then shirk it off because you have too much work to finish. No one else knows you missed it so why does it matter? Well, you know you missed it. When we break our word to ourselves, it erodes our inner integrity and eventually affects how we show up for others.

Integrity represents who you are in business.

Operate at the highest level of integrity with yourself and it will translate externally. You will attract clients like a magnet because you make them feel valued and respected, and you'll quickly become the stand out in your industry.