The Fear-Busting Power of Yoga

When September 11 happens out of your bedroom window the first week of college, it is bound to change you.

For me, I had textbook Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The physical symptoms - physical shakes in my body (fear literally trembling); the mental symptoms - falling asleep each night feeling as though I was falling (not in a good way, in a scare yourself awake kind of way); and the emotional symptoms - feeling so disconnected (looking out of the window and having life appear to be nothing more than a painting).

Of course, traditional medicine wanted to put me on medication in order to overcome PTSD. I tried Zoloft for a while, and mostly felt like I was floating. My head may have felt better, but my heart still felt the discord, and thankfully at 18 years old, I decided that was not good enough.

After transferring to a new college for the second half of freshman year - which I guess most people would consider a whole new level of stress, but for me it was just a new beginning - I found yoga.

That’s where I began to truly heal myself. I found space in my body and learned that emotions are not just stored in the mind, but also on a physical level. I began to unwind all of the pent up anxiety. I found space in my mind with each cleansing breath, and by dynamically linking my breath to my movement. Things started to get quiet - I had really missed the quiet. And, I grew more in-tune with my own spirituality and desire for a deeper knowing of myself. Since then, I have been on a continual inward journey of self discovery which is what made the space for me to follow my dreams - even if it was a bit scary. Rather than run away from your fear, you have to run toward it (like in the story that I share here in my blog: 5 Entrepreneurial Lessons You Learn By Hiking).

Fear is just an emotion. It is not a thought.

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