The Fear of Moving Forward

Breathtaking Amsterdam
Breathtaking Amsterdam

For some, it is a reality that our lives have absolutely not gone the way that we had so intricately designed them to go.

Both within our hearts and within our personally determined rational brains, we had decided one way that our lives would be perfect, if only we could accomplish those goals within the time frame that we allotted.

Often so many of us start our journeys with an idea in place of how we want our lives to go. We want a husband or a wife, a house in the country, 2.5 kiddos to chase around and a life relatively free of physical pain. We want this all by the time we are 30, to be able to proudly announce to the world that we worked hard and achieved our vision.

We made it, we could relax with everyone around us knowing that we are right on track.

Although this dream stated above is only one representation of an idealistic version of one's hopes and dreams, the variations are there, waiting for a chance to come to fruition. Dreams that started young and begged for our attention.

But, there seems to be a problem. What happens when it doesn’t work out.

What happens when we work hard, we give all we can to make our dreams a reality, but they fail miserably while everyone on the sideline watches...

Is it our egos or our hearts that bear the bruising, and, more importantly, how will we react to this “failure”?

All too often a knock at the door or a glitch in the journey will very quickly pull that rug out from under us to break our sweet reverie, before we even have a chance to bask in our accomplishments. Will we shrink or will we rise above...

Like the song goes, “we are only one phone call from our knees.”

“Dreams are the light in which we strive to follow. They are the crux of moving forward and continuing to be the best version of ourselves that we are meant to be. Dreams guide us, they set a standard in which we work hard to achieve.”

Dreams are absolutely necessary. Dreams change the world with the right people behind the reigns.

They are meant for good, they are meant to motivate us, to keep us going, they are a tangible way we can walk forward with a humanistic plan in place to make us feel as though we indeed know what we are doing.

So, we must ask ourselves, is it failure or was it always our path yet we just didn’t know it yet?

As stated above, we rely on our personally determined rational brain to decide for ourselves what our lives should look like. We create a life and we forge ahead blind to the fact that far too often this life is going to throw a fork in our roads, or a full on river in the road, that cannot be crossed.

Does that make it right to stop dreaming because it didn’t happen in our own timing, or even worse still, because it indeed may never happen?

There is absolutely an option to shrink with fear of moving forward, to stop jumping into heart racing love for fear that it may end like the previous relationship. To not take a new job because the last time you did the company didn’t provide as you had hoped… and the list can go on and on.

Dreams cease to fear.

When the dreams that we dare to dream fail to come to life and shatter our purposely created timelines, fear often prevents us from continuing to dream. The fear causes us to lose trust in ourselves and to ultimately fear the light and the power that is within us already, begging to continue to be called upon.

But, what if there’s a different answer than fear. What if we rebuke the fear that starts to creep into our hearts and replace it with the power of knowing our own worth.

What if we continue to work hard for the same dreams but allow them to manifest in a different forms. What if we fully open our hearts to the idea that what our plan was, will look differently than expected and may be even more beautiful than we ever could have imagined, if only we allow our hearts to be softened to the new path.

What if we internalize the information gathered from our mistakes and failures and move forward with our heads held high and our shoulders back, knowing that the ones on the sidelines believe in our every step, no matter the path that we take.

Our perfectly imperfect paths of life.

“When we look back, when we turn around and look at what we missed or how long it has taken for us to accomplish our dreams, we are losing site of what is standing right in front of us, begging to be nurtured with the same intensity that we have had within us all along.

It is our time, now, in this present moment. It is time to follow our hearts and nurture our lights, believing blindly in the new paths ahead of us leaving our failures in the past. We must fight for what we love, for what makes our hearts beat a little faster.

We must hold onto the truth that we each have a unique purpose as to why we are here. We must believe in the infinite possibilities that are born out of faith and grace.

In the end, when we are standing at the end of our lives, regardless of our failures, we won’t regret following our hearts to the ends of this earth, we will only regret it if we didn’t.

Bruised knees and all.

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