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The Federal Commission Should Cancel The Third Debate

Since well before the Roman Empire, "bread and circus" were the core of the ability of emperor to keep the people happy and remain in power.
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The Federal Election Commission has remarkably failed in its responsibility to organize fair debates. The "town hall" was more formal than a classical debate and the absence of table allowed the Republican Candidate to literally circumvent the Democratic candidate. That is on the form.

On the substance, the inability of the debaters to ensure that a minimum of politeness, decency and respect presides to the debates has allowed them to become a butchery from Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton, a direct proof of his bullying temperament.

Debate should be on the substance

If we consider that the purpose of the Federal Election Commission and the debates is to have the two candidates not to go at each other's throat, but to explain their differences in the way they intend to conduct the country as our next President, force is to admit that it never happened.

There are simple rules of the game that have systematically been rejected by the Republican candidate. His ability to address the questions was absent from the conversation.

At this stage, I am unable after so many debates to know what differentiates the two programs: I only know that it was a clash of personalities with a character assassination of Hillary Clinton.
We will not know anything more on the substance of the issues: the third debate will be another bloodbath that will continue to make America look worse than it has ever been in the eyes of the public and of the world.

Panem and circenses

Since well before the Roman Empire, "bread and circus" were the core of the ability of emperor to keep the people happy and remain in power.

There is no chance that the next debate will be anything related to the substance. It will, however, be a gladiator fight in the Circus Maximum that TV has become.

The Federal Election Commission, if it has any decency, must cancel the next debate. We know what we need to know. The last thing we need is another bloodbath created by a bully. If it does not have that decency, we should all abstain the voyeurism that consists in watching a man crush a woman and try to destroy her while she courageously fights to keep America Great.
If the Commission does not do it in the name of the values it is supposed to implement, it should protect our country from the deplorable display of the worst primitive instincts of the American white male.

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