The Female Capacity and the Time I Met Carrot Top

There was a point in my life where I would never - and I do mean NEVER - have approached a childhood fan favorite (cue Carrot Top at the airport TGI Friday's bar). The idea of approaching a 'hollywood star' may seem silly to most so, but for me this was a big step in the confidence arena. Allow me to unpack this idea for a bit more:

As a child you would usually find me with a scowl on my face, or face buried in the shoulders of my parents. Never outgoing, never smiling, never self-assured, and certainly never empowered.

As a teenager I would cling to what I knew: boyfriend, good grades, church youth group.

As a college student my fears manifested themselves into alcohol, sex and drugs. Clinically, I was fine by your average American 20-something standards: depression, with a side of Adderall. Naturally, I was an expert at masking my emotions, pushing fear deep down within, and ignoring any sort of self realization. Self help books? Psh. Those weren't for me. Give me a whiskey and diet and I'll have it 'fixed' in no time.

Then, it came time for the work force.

One word: ROUGH!

  • I had a manager tell me I should just "stay in the back".
  • Another manager tried to get me to do his job ...
  • One special manager literally cussed me out the front door of the store, in front of customers, for giving her my two weeks notice.
  • And, I had a boss lie to our CEO about me not doing something I was told not to do. Confused?

Yea, so was I.

You see, it wasn't until I'd been crushed from many angles that I came to acknowledge my own Female Capacity. Why? All of those experiences taught me something very important ... I had something they wanted.

BOOM! Mic drop.

Are you seeing the picture come into focus here?


You have this insane capacity inside of YOU to be more than lovely, more than beautiful, more than dainty, more than feminine. You possess the power to be successful, passionate, alluring, leading, and strikingly significant! There's something inside of you desires to radiate the space around you. While other people may turn away from your radiance it is NOT because of how brightly it shines but rather due to their lack of discovered radiance.

As you increase in life, in thought, in love, in career and more, you will begin to discover that your Female Capacity radiates!

I harnessed my Female Capacity to radiate and walked up to Carrot Top and said, "Excuse me, Scott?"

Doors opened and allowed me a few minutes to speak with a man who brought so much laughter! What if you were given the tools to harness your Female Capacity and tap life on the shoulder? Imagine the doors that would open!!