The Female Intellect and John McCain

I guess the plan was to pick a woman for VP and then every female (who mourned the loss of a "President" Hilary Clinton), would fall into line! After all 18,000,000 voters cracked the ceiling for Hil, so it follows, you thought, that Sarah is a woman... ergo, we all vote for Sarah. This is the same reasoning McCain uses when he feels that equal pay for women is no big deal: we'll get over it; we know our place. Well, I for one am somewhat annoyed and insulted (not surprised) that John and his Rovites just "don't get it." Do you really think we are all that stupid and oh so easily led?

Here's our deal, John. We vote for what we feel is best for our families, our communities, our country and our world. We hated the last 8 years for the loss of world respect for our country; the loss of more than 4,000 American heroes in Iraq; the loss of women's (and men's jobs}; the decomposition of our school systems; the loss of our seniors' savings; the loss of our rights; the bloodying of our Constitution; the tough-talk, bullying diplomacy; the cheating; the coverups.... I could go on but you get the drift (or maybe not).

Sorry, Sarah, but we women can't all get behind you this time.... Another time, another party and you would probably make a great leader!