The Feminism We Need, Not Have

Being a feminist is not about rooting for women. Being a feminist is being able to root for ideas regardless of gender. While I am devastated that DT is now a sort of CEO of the United States, we can look at Hillary’s loss as an opportunity to learn.

Clinton represented the sort of feminism that was necessary in the 70s and 80s, but today we understand that being a feminist is about being a woman not being a woman acting like a man. Not succumbing to the systems of patriarchy that have been put in place for us and promoting women to fit themselves into them, but being able to bring the feminine power; the deeper understanding, the global thought, the humane sensitivity to every sphere of our lives in order to promote a better society for everyone. Hillary Clinton was not the right feminist to represented the new and more real ideas of the feminine - she would represent the same system and no change. And while DT represents a whole lot of wrongs, at least it remains the plight of old white men, and not of women as well.

In April 2015 President Obama joked that there could be a third Obama term after all referring to Bernie Sanders. His intuition was correct, even if his later execution faltered. Bernie Sanders was the answer. And regardless of gender – it was the idea, the hope and the true social justice that Sanders represented and Clinton did not that pulled the crowds to him; the world could have looked very different today if we did not fall into the trap of old feminism.

The Bernie revolution was considered not strong enough. Now we know who wasn’t strong; million of feminists that have forsaken their feminine strength to support a woman that represented everything men built and practice. Women who attacked other women for voting for the ideas Bernie represented rather than for a woman. We can no longer afford to let segregated gender promotion cloud our thought and beliefs. If a woman runs for President it is her ideas intertwined with unapologetic feminine power that needs to get a stage and a presidency, not the fact that she has a pussy.

And now, we face an administration of old white men with incredible napoleon complexes and any form of phobia imaginable dragging us into the darkness. Men who want to put women back in marginalized designated roles. Men who highlight gender and difference, divineness and weakness. Men who represent men only, and we almost did exactly the same representing women only instead of humanity at large.

Tomorrow is the Women’s March, and while women are concerned about their rights being whisked away, it is strong thoughtful men that need to be there. Instead of a million women marching for women, we need this to be a million men marching with a million women. We need to make this a corporative march, a joint effort, to demonstrate and to build an equal movement that really represents a balance of feminine and masculine powers. A sacred balance that is more powerful and more uniting than any gender singular movement can ever generate. We need to overcome and conquer gender. Men need to be brave enough to overcome their male pride that has been ingrained in them through society for centuries and millennia. Women must overcome their desire to imitate the patriarchal order and be brave enough to bring their larger deeper ideas to support large-scale change rather than a championing of a woman ruling over a male platform.

In today’s new world of male forceful dominance it is the boys that need to march for women as much as women need to. Because this is about equality, about removing patriarchal boundaries and beliefs from our society, it is about balancing the schematic, singular and structured male thought with abstract, compassionate and creative female intuition. There is more to life than control and money. It is time our brave men show they understand that, and it is time our brave women stop promoting their own gender like men did for thousands of years, and unapologetically pursue ideas for all of society and humanity.

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