The Finals Best of Five Primer: No Hype Needed

Spurs vs. Heat? Big 3 vs. Big 3? Drafted and developed talent vs. acquired, free agent talent? A Virgin Islander, Frenchman and Argentinian vs an Akronite, a Chicagoan, and a Canadian (damn, Bosh being from Albany or Gary woulda' helped this paragraph immmmmensely!).

Story lines abound. No pun intended.

And, it is living up to the hype. How about that in this modern world: something that lives up to all the words and spewed verbiage by the 78 TV analysts weighing in on our flat screens about this series.

(I can't be the only one that thinks Van Gundy -- with any straight man off the assembly line -- is just enough, thank you).

Where was I?

Yes, this Finals is the 'real deal.' Before the anxious last five minutes of Game 1 -- with its accompanying, expected stuttering -- those first 43 minutes were basketball at its highest level. Wow. I loved every living second of it. Wow, again.

And, even Sunday night's eventual blowout was preceded by 34 minutes of more of the same excellence. Damn! if it wasn't even more fun to watch. Big shot after big shot. Difficult shot after difficult shot. Fifth option after fifth option (as, often, the first four were thwarted).

Then, Miami goes on that 33-5 run against a Great Spurs team. That was special, too.

So, can't wait for Tuesday! Just wish the NBA would give us some Friday night games, some Saturday night games or even throw us a bone with a Sunday afternoon game that I could actually watch the games with my friend when I don't have to wake up early for work the next day.

Can't quite figure out why the NBA does that. Probably, it is money (I am really quick), but, nobody tell either of the Big 3's and their shooting sidekicks. (Aside: recipe for a championship team: Get three Stars. Add as many shooters as you can find. Stir 'til compatible). Because, so far, the Heat and Spurs are delivering on the promise of this unique clash of styles, titans and teams. Teams 'done' two -- and, who have won two -- different ways.

Can't wait to hear "Play Ball" five more times! Even if I am watching alone in my condo with the alarm clock set for six.

Can't you?