'The Firm' Premiere: Ten Years Later, Mitch Faces Dangers From His Past And Present (VIDEO)

It's been 19 years since Tom Cruise was running from the mob in "The Firm." Now, Josh Lucas steps into the shoes of Mitch McDeere in the ongoing television continuation of the novel and film. "The Firm" (Sun., 9 p.m. EST on NBC) picks up ten years after the events of the original story. McDeere and his family have been in witness protection all that time.

But with the death of the mob boss he sent to prison, McDeere decided he no longer needed to hide, and opened his own practice. What he didn't know was that the boss had a son. Now 25, the son appears to be picking up the reins of his father's empire, which means looking into taking revenge on the man who put his father behind bars.

As this two-hour series premiere progressed, it turned out that the past wasn't the only thing coming back to haunt Mitch. Leery of big firms, Mitch had set up his solo operation six months before, but with his cash running out and a major opponent deciding to fight rather than settle, he entertained an offer to associate with a different large corporate law firm.

Although it was a new firm, it suffered from many of the same old problems. It was revealed by the end of this premiere that the partners in this firm are also up to some trouble of their own. Mitch thought they wanted him for the big corporate behemoth he was going to battle, but it was another case entirely. A case that lead to the opening and closing scenes, which took place six weeks after the main scenes of the episode.

In those scenes, Mitch confronted a man in a hotel room over the case the new firm really wanted to align with him over. When some thugs -- no idea who they're working for yet -- showed up, the man committed suicide rather than face them, and Mitch was left to figure out how to get away without taking the same path.

It didn't take long for his life to get complicated again. It's unclear how many episodes it will take to fill in this six-week gap, but with trouble in the present and his past coming back to haunt him, things don't look to be slowing down any in this series from the fast-paced action of the movie. Add to this the complication of a 10-year old daughter who doesn't want to move anymore -- and Mitch has promised her they won't -- and he'll have to fight to keep his life against forces way bigger and stronger than him.

The struggle continues as "The Firm" shifts to its regular night this Thursday, January 12 at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.

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