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The Jig Is Up! Yes, I Had a First-Date Uniform

What were you wearing on your first date with your boyfriend or husband?
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I have a confession. I was dating a lot and coming up with new outfits was time-consuming. In the interest of efficiency, I started wearing the same purple maxi dress with comfortable, black wedges to every single date that I had. Among friends, this outfit was known as my "first-date uniform."

So what about you? Do you recall what you were wearing on your first date with your husband or boyfriend? I asked friends to take a trip down memory lane, and here's what they remember...

Blizzard? No Problem

"I joke all the time with my boyfriend about our first date. It was on a wintery night in Chicago, during a raging blizzard. But since it was our first date, I had to look cute. I put on pointy brown boots with 3-inch heels, my favorite Paige jeans and a pretty pink sweater. Then I put on my puffy down coat and trekked through the snow. He tells me to this day that I looked so snuggly and Eskimo-cute when I arrived that he just wanted to give me a big hug."

—Diane Lewis, public relations account manager, Chicago, IL

Cool in Vintage

"I don't remember what I was wearing on my first date with my boyfriend, but we both remember what I was wearing when we first met: a vintage blue and white sundress with a vintage hot pink, purple and white Adidas zip-up sweatshirt. Matt always tells me he thought I must have been cool because of my sweatshirt. It was summer and we were at the apartment of a mutual friend to watch a rooftop movie. I grabbed the sweatshirt on my way out the door in case it cooled off as the sun went down. I'm glad I did."

—Erica Policow, iVillage Food producer, New York, NY

An LBD to Go Down in History

"My husband always talks about what I wore on our first date—a black dress with a 1940s silhouette that had white piping down the waist and a skirt hem with a ruffle edge. I had on pearls and black peep-toe heels. The first thing my husband said to me was, 'Wow, you look great in that dress!' And the rest is history. I still have the dress."

—Amelia Woltering, publicist, Queens, NY

Found My Way in Flats

"I had on cropped gray pants, a white flow-y tank and a black cuffed blazer. But what my boyfriend remembers is my flats. They're my favorite ones and they are gray with skulls on them. I was 20 minutes late, and I had to call him so I could find the place! When I got there, he was sitting on a stoop outside of the restaurant waiting. Two and a half years later, he's still the person who helps me find my way."

—Alana Brier, publicist, New York, NY

It's fun to reminisce isn't it? What were you wearing on your first date with your boyfriend or husband? Share your story with the iVillage community or post a comment!