The First Ladies of Disco Rock NYC


I'm still trying to recover from last weekend. A musical hangover, if you will, brought about by the electrifying performance of three legendary ladies, The First Ladies of Disco, Martha Wash, Linda Clifford, and Evelyn "Champagne" King in New York City. All three of them got their start with disco music, and though professionally they would all flourish beyond the disco era, particularly Martha Wash and Evelyn "Champagne" King, they have returned to their roots with the formation of this new super group. Singing with a full band and talented back-up singers, The First Ladies of Disco had me, and the sold-out crowd that didn't have a chair to spare, out of their seats and screaming for more. In fact, I screamed myself a bit hoarse.

In no uncertain terms, these women can SING! Martha Wash started off the show as she lit into a set list of her past hits that touched on everything from her days with disco legend Sylvester, to her mega-hits as the real voice behind Black Box and C&C Music Factory, as well as her solo career. Her voice continues to be phenomenal. I've been lucky enough to see and hear Martha perform on several occasions. She can sing to track with the best of them, but hearing her sing with a full band is nothing short of perfection. And I have to say Martha seemed happier, and more energized on stage, performing as part of this new terrific trio of talented women than I've seen in quite awhile. Linda Clifford took the middle set and though she was the artist I was least familiar with, she made a fan out of me with this performance. She is perhaps the most authentic disco singer of the three, and her vibrant renditions of "Runaway Love" and "If My Friends Could See Me Now" were an instant and elegant education on why classic disco is the foundation on which most modern Dance music was built on. Evelyn "Champagne" King took over the last leg and jolted the crowed onto and even higher level! Yes, the voice is still there, and the energy she has on stage is nothing short of amazing. Like Martha, when Evelyn sings her past hits such as "Shame" she sounds just as perfect as if you were hearing it on the radio back in the day, but she does it while in constant motion - whirls, twirls, and some very impressive high-kicks in high-heels! And she never missed a beat!

They ended the show with all three ladies taking the stage to sing their new Billboard Top Ten Dance hit "Show Some Love" and a disco and R&B medley that brought the crowd to their feet yet again and kept them there. I don't know what their future tour schedule is but I'm telling you this: If the First Ladies of Disco Show comes to your town - GO SEE THAT SHOW!