The First Lady of Harlem-Haberdashery -- Sharene Wood Talks Business

The all-boys club just initiated its first lady, Sharene Wood. Wood, as she describes herself, is a "geek." She loves being behind the scene, so getting her in front of the camera was a bit challenging for us.

Wood is more than the "Queen Bee" of the family businesses, Harlem Haberdashery and 5001 Flavors. She is also the president and CEO of both brands.

Her career began out of college and since then she has built a resume of clients with recognizable names in the music industry, various artists, CEO's, producers and some other pretty fabulous names as well.

One of the biggest deals for me while interviewing Wood was realizing the great success that this family business has been having since the 90s. They say that a family that plays and prays together stays together. I can't image what more blessings can be had with this family that actually does business together.

In a day and age where every one is encouraged to "do me," it is refreshing to see the traditional family structure still in place within the Wood family.

The secret lies in the fact that she makes it a point to keep her family as her primary focus. So her business seems to fall right in place with her heart while running this family business.

In fact, Guy Wood Jr., her son and designer of Black Billionaire, seems to be very comfortable being around his parents while still "doing him."

So for all you women who think you can't do business with family members -- after hearing this interview with a veteran in the retail and business industries, you may want to rethink it. Wood may one day do a workshop for future or existing business owners to inspire.