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My Favorite Places to Eat in Skopje (So Far)

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Lonely Planet describes Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, as Europe's most entertaining and eclectic small capital city. Although the city has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, (mostly the very expensive Baroque makeover), Skopje is definitely a city that should not be missed on your Balkan tour.

If you are looking for Michelin star restaurants and international cuisine, you might be a bit disappointed with the choices in Skopje, but what the city lacks in fine dining and international cuisine is compensated by the incredible restaurants and fast food joints serving mouthwatering food that will satisfy even the pickiest eater in the world.

So if you are traveling to Skopje for the first time and you are wondering where to eat, here are some of my favorite places to eat in the city (so far).

Fast Food 7 (Sedmica)


When it comes to hamburgers, no one does them like Fast Food 7. This iconic place is everyone's favorite fast food joint. Some say that it is the special French fries and the uniquely prepared mayo that make the sandwiches so tasty but honestly, I don't really care. Eating a hamburger from Fast Food 7 is like going to heaven and being served holly food. Don't eat anything for couple of hours before you go there. The hamburgers are huge. Finally, when you order your hamburger just say to the waiter Hamburger so se.

Harmonija Macrobiotic Restaurant


If hamburgers are not your thing and you are more into healthy food, you can just cross the street from Fast Food 7 and get some amazing food from Restaurant Harmonija- one of the best macrobiotic restaurants in town. This small healthy food joint is owned by one of the country's top nutritionists and offers incredibly tasty and more importantly, healthy dishes. Get the daily mix or order, my favorite - the macrobiotic pizza. As for dessert, try the cake with dried grapes and rice.

Pasta Felice


Many restaurants in Skopje serve pasta but trust me, no one does pasta like the newly opened Pasta Felice restaurant in Skopje. The place may be small (only four tables) but the owners are very friendly and if you ask, they will even show you how to prepare the perfect pasta. Try the Pesto di Zucchine. You will love it!

Fitness House


This is a great place for those looking for healthy food options. Fitness house is the first fitness restaurant in the country and has variety of choice that will go great with your fitness regime. They also make the best chicken steak that I have ever tried. Healthy and yummy.

O La La


Skopje has some of the best sweet shops in the region but if you ask me, the best desserts in town are made by O La La. This fairy tale sweet shop may not serve the typical Balkan desserts but they make the world's best muffins and pancakes. You can eat baklava in every small sweet shop around town but you can find heavenly desserts only in O La la.

Veneto Italian Restaurant


Located in Skopje's biggest shopping mall- Skopje City Mall, Veneto is one of the finest restaurants in the city. The customer service is probably the best in town. It is a perfect place to unwind after a day of shopping and enjoy wonderfully prepared food. Try the Mamma Mia salad. It is my favorite.

Mad Kitchen Bar


Located in Skopje's trendy Debar Maalo, Mad Kitchen Bar will make you feel like you are somewhere in Soho, not Skopje. The restaurant serves really tasty food. I love their Caesar salad.

Sushi Co


I love my Sushi and I love my Pad Thai. If you are looking for good Asian restaurants, SushiCo is one of the few places in town serving good Asian food. Every Sunday the restaurant has an all you can eat buffet for around 15 euros. It is worth it. I love their Philly rolls and they make the best Pad Thai I have tried. Oh, try also the chicken wraps. They are divine.

TWINS Kitchen & Wine


This newly opened restaurant and wine bar is one of the few places where you can feel the cosmopolitan side of Macedonia's capital. The food is served in a delicate and special way. Add to this the amazing atmosphere and the incredible customer service and you get a place that truly represents the modern side of the country. With TWINS many say that modern Skopje finally got a modern restaurant and I completely agree.

Forza Resturant


Finally, without any doubt, the best restaurant in town is the one where Vlatko Ognenovski, Macedonia's best chef cooks. Even though Forza has a wide selection of amazing dishes, to truly experience the amazing craft of our most famous chef, just close the menu and ask Chef Ognenovski to prepare for you something of his own choice. You will feel like in heaven, I promise.