The 5 Headlines That Could Actually Derail Trump

Nothing has stopped him. Not reason, not common sense and certainly not a never-ending string of bigoted remarks, false statements or outlandish policy proposals. Is there absolutely nothing that Donald Trump could do or say that would cause enough Americans to turn their backs on him?

After careful research and interviewing hundreds of political analysts, here are the five headlines that we believe could cause Trump's poll numbers to plummet... maybe.

Trump says all working people are stupid
Trump has strong support from those who believe he will use his business acumen and strong negotiation skills to bring factories and jobs back to America. Let's ignore for a moment that he hasn't said how he would do it. But what does Donald actually think of his bedrock supporters? Past quotes about people being too stupid or lazy to achieve haven't caused much a stir, but if a hot mic or a private recording of DT saying he knows his supporters are (fill in insult). That could cause people to run away.

Trump's leaked tax return show he is not a billionaire
Many stories float around that Donald is not as rich as he claims. Why would someone so rich license his name for Trump Steaks and Trump vitamins? While a tax return doesn't show assets, there could be enough data in them to show he isn't close to a billionaire. This would blow a huge hole in this mystic he has built around himself. It wouldn't be that he lied, like all politicians he has been caught in innumerable lies. It's that he lied about the central part of his appeal. Oh, and it would have to be a leak as there is no way he releases the returns on his own.

Trump's leaked tax return show bombshells
Those leaked returns may not show he isn't a billionaire but there could be a few more nuggets big enough to take down Donald. Maybe it's his tax rate is ridiculously low. Maybe it's that he hasn't really given much to charity. This one feels unlikely as he could spin those away and then do something to change the news cycle.

Trump can not find credible person to be VP
So none of his former rivals are interested, except for Chris Christie and Ben Carson. No prominent Republican has expressed any interest, except Newt Gingrich. Donald could shake it up and choose a Democrat, except no one would even consider it. If he has to pick someone that America has never heard of he may be in trouble. If all credible alternatives are not willing to put their name next to his, to back up everything he says, America may say that this guy can't build a team.

Dead hooker/live boy found in Trump's bed
It's the old political adage of what can sink any politician. And yet... maybe Trump would survive even that? This is the man that declared he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose a vote.

The reality is there probably isn't a headline that derails Trump... although we will take all suggestions below!