'The Five-Year Engagement': Real Couples Share Their Long Engagement Stories (PHOTOS)

The Long Road To The Altar

In Jason Segel and Emily Blunt's new film, "The Five-Year Engagement," engaged couple Tom and Violet start the wedding-planning process, only to meet dozens of obstacles along the way.

The thing we love most about "The Five-Year Engagement" is its trueness to life. Tom and Violet don't face over-the-top, only-in-the-movies obstacles. They get bogged down with stuff regular people face every day -- an academic opportunity takes them to a new city, and struggling to settle into a new life replaces planning a wedding.

To celebrate the premiere of "The Five-Year Engagement," which hits theaters Friday, and to remind the world that's there's nothing wrong with a long road to the altar -- it might be the best proof that you're in it for the long haul, after all -- HuffPost Weddings spoke to three couples whose real-life engagements have gone on for five years or more. Click through the slideshow below to read their stories, and share yours in the comments.

David Abbitt and Amber Kristin

Long Engagement Stories

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