The Director Of 'Tangerine' Is Back With 'The Florida Project'

See the charming trailer for Sean Baker's new movie, starring Willem Dafoe.

Childhood is a many-splendored thing, especially in the hands of “Tangerine” director Sean Baker. The trailer for his new movie, “The Florida Project,” presents the story of Moonee, a 6-year-old living at an Orlando motel run by a seemingly gruff owner (Willem Dafoe) who won’t even let her eat ice cream indoors. As Moonee seeks daily adventures, her mother goes to extremes to provide for them.

Baker found great success casting unknown actresses in “Tangerine,” which he shot on iPhones and released to much acclaim in 2015. He employed the same practice with “The Florida Project,” discovering Brooklynn Prince for the role of Moonee and Bria Vinaite as her mother. Based on the glowing reviews from the movie’s Cannes Film Festival premiere in May, Baker has another home run on his hands. 

“The Florida Project” opens Oct. 6