The Former Verizon Lawyer In Charge Of The FCC Is Speaking At An Event Tomorrow... At Verizon Headquarters

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FCC chairman Ajit Pai is speaking at an event tomorrow at Verizon Headquarters in Washington, DC, just days before a planned vote to gut net neutrality protections, in a massive give-away to ... Verizon.

Pai’s plan to allow Internet Service Providers (like Verizon) to control what Internet users can see with censorship, throttling, and extra fees has provoked massive backlash from across the political spectrum, and generated more than 750,000 phone calls to Congress through the site

This Thursday, there are more than 600 protests planned at Verizon stores and Congressional offices across the country. Congress has the power to stop the FCC vote, but they will only act if there is enough pressure from constituents. The agency is expected to vote on December 14.

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