The Formula for a Spiritual Relationship

When you enhance your spiritual connection together, you form a relationship built on inner security and healthy communication. As you work to become conscious of your partner's needs, you can prevent or solve the more difficult problems as they arise.
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Something exciting happens when you make the decision to pursue a spiritual relationship. I can remember the moment Salle and I decided to work towards this deeper spiritual connection together.

One year we found ourselves arguing regularly. The quarrels usually looked like this one: I wanted to spend our evening together watching my favorite football team, and she wanted us to go to a nice dinner to catch up on our week. While standing in front of our fireplace, our disagreement went past our self-control and rose to a point of angry shouting. When we remembered ourselves, our argument ended in laughter. We realized how foolish we had been by letting ourselves become selfishly wrapped up in our wants, rather than remembering to think about one another first.

These simple relationship disputes are normal. When you enhance your spiritual connection together, you form a relationship built on inner security and healthy communication. As you work to become conscious of your partner's needs, you can prevent or solve the more difficult problems as they arise.

The Formula for a Spiritual Relationship:

Connections through conversations with another person is a basic human need, and the desire to create a romantic connection may be the strongest one of all. Our relationships shouldn't befall to grief and pain. By evolving to your highest, spiritually conscious form, you discover you're greater ability to have happy, fulfilling relationships.

1. Develop Your Deep Spiritual Awareness.

Sharing your spiritual awareness with your significant other, will positively lead you both to the higher divine plan for your life. Praying together, trusting your Intuition, and following the Synchronicity in your life will ultimately allow you to find the healthiest form of your relationship. When you have a spiritual foundation, at the center of your relationship, you will uncover the richest form of energy and joy.

2. Celebrate Your Differences

Every person comes from a diverse background and has a lifetime of experiences. Therefore, you and may have differences in your individual outlooks and needs. Holding a higher spiritual consciousness provides you with the inner security to explore your differences openly. In fact, you should view the differences with your partner as a personal growth opportunity:

  • Your partner may introduce you to new hobbies or interests. For example, your partner may love outings in nature, and over time, you may learn to love the outdoors as well. While you don't have to love doing all of the same things together, it is still important to be there for one another and find activities you both enjoy. Acts of selflessness do not go unseen and over time you may find yourself pursuing these new activities as your own.
  • A relationship built on spirituality allows for authentic discussion. We can learn from people who are different from us. We all have particular behaviors and habits that make us unique. We can learn from others viewpoints as we tackle obstacles in our lives. Remember to be understanding and supportive as you and your partner explore personal growth.
  • Being authentic in your relationships can help you both overcome unhealthy behavioral patterns and strengthen your communication skills. You can support each other by discussing the habits that feel hurtful to each of you. Then share your inner thoughts, Intuitions, of how to approach the stressful times as you feel most healthy for your relationship.

3. Be Aware of How You Communicate With Your Loved One

Being aware of how you express yourself, especially under stress, is a fundamental aspect of your spiritual relationship together.

  • What are you trying to convey to your partner?
  • How is your tone being taken?
  • On the other hand, what are you not saying to your partner?

Communication is one of the most important and valuable factors in a relationship. Emotions and feelings can be an extremely difficult to share with anyone, especially the one you are involved with romantically. Practicing thoughtful, non-defensive, vocal etiquette can provide you with results that not only benefit you both, but also help you grow your communication skills. In this way, each person feels more comfortable speaking from their hearts and exposing their soul to one another.

4. Understand Each Others' Love Language

Discussing your spirituality will make it easier to discover each others' emotional needs, and will creates an ongoing dialog about whether or not these needs are being filled. People desire and show love in different ways:

  • 1. compliments or verbal reassurance
  • 2. little acts of kindness and gifts
  • 3. planned events and time spent together
  • 4. showing love through touch and affection

Take the time to examine your childhood and past romantic relationships. From a spiritual perspective, this allows both partners to gain insight and awareness on each other, as well as allowing your needs to be met in a positive way.

5. Willingness To Accept Responsibility

Even with a firm, spiritual foundation in place, disagreements will still occur. Be willing to accept responsibility when you inadvertently overlook your partner's needs or feelings. Having a spiritual based relationship means not always having to win. Forgiveness is crucial, but be patient if the other person doesn't immediately reconnect. Establish the spiritual advantage that, given enough time and effort made, everyone can self-correct. Let the other person come to a place of resolution with an issue in their own time, even if it takes a while.

6. Don't Wait Too Long To Make Up

Having a spiritual based relationship means the relationship bond exists at the soul level. Therefore, resolve to give each other another chance. Holding grudges or being resentful due to unfinished or unsettled arguments, can push your relationship in a damaging direction. So make an agreement up front that you will never go to bed mad, or hold onto negative feelings. Remember, tomorrow is not promised.

"If you have love in your heart, let it show while you can."
Through My Prayers, The Avett Brothers

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