'The Forty Story': Pentagram Turns 40, Boasts Charmingly (VIDEO)

You may not have heard of the design agency Pentagram, but if you've seen a Nissan billboard, a Tiffany's bag or an episode of "The Daily Show" since 2005, you know its work. For better or worse, the transatlantic design consultancy has significantly affected the look of the world -- designing logos (or redesigning ones much to some people's despair), public spaces, and even "new identities" for some of the world's largest companies.

No surprise, Pentagrammers are no slouches at marketing themselves. To draw attention to the company's 40th birthday this June, the London office released a clever piece of self-congratulation -- a reel of Pentagram's most recognizable work set to the story of a fictional boy born 40 years ago. As you watch "The Forty Story," be sure to listen for the sound of ad executives around the world slapping their foreheads at not having thought of this earlier.


[via Vimeo]