The Foundation of Personal Empowerment

Our thoughts are by far the most powerful thing we possess in this lifetime. I am convinced that most things in this lifetime are truly out of our control. However, the one thing we do have complete control over is our perception -- the lens through which we choose to see ourselves and the world. This lens is so powerful it is responsible for the nature of our existence.

When it comes to reaching goals and realizing dreams, most of us were taught the western way-creating a plan of action and diving in head first. While this is an important part of the equation, what I have learned in my personal experience is that this strategy alone has often led to falling flat on my face. What I know now is that the absolute smartest approach to any new endeavor begins by looking at the internal dialogue and conversation taking place regarding oneself and the new opportunity. A little bit of inner housework can make all the difference to an external accomplishment.

This year I am working on taking a step back in my inner world reality, while diving in head first in my outer world experience. My intention was to shine the light on what is going on "behind the scenes" when pushing my boundaries in an area in which I desired growth. In this process of taking bold risks and daring greatly, what has surfaced are incredible opportunities to explore trust and faith, and to listen honestly to the "unconscious" thought processes and mental tapes that formed the foundation of my existence. While this can sometimes be a painful process of awakening, the gifts that are coming forward are invaluable.

In my coaching practice, I am a master at teaching compassion and kindness. I work with individuals to realize their nutrition and health goals, and one of the fundamental elements of my approach includes being gentle and loving with one's Self. We are human beings, on this planet to learn and grow and we only do this through experience. Every moment is filled with an infinite number of opportunities and possibilities to create our reality. Most of us have been hardwired with judgment and criticism, especially as it relates to food and fitness. But true Self-care always starts with Self-Love, and that includes practicing self-forgiveness when we "fall off track" or do not follow through on personal commitments. We always have the opportunity to get back up, recommit, and to do it from a place of loving and empowerment.

What has become incredibly apparent in this year of experimentation is that my approach applied to everyone but me. I have always been great at looking at my relationship to that which is outside myself, and to applying my philosophy of kindness and compassion to others. But what is now highlighted is that deep within lies a very harsh inner critic and perfectionist that pervades my consciousness. This causes unnecessary suffering and is at the root of the roadblocks I have encountered up until now. Herein lie the seeds of the belief system that was formed to keep me from moving forward in the creation of my dreams.

Everything in my work is, and has always been, about bringing forward inner resistance that keeps us from living our potential. The purpose is to bring conscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions forward to be observed, cleared, and redirected so that we can move in the direction of our dreams. This new way of being is what I call the "Cleanse Consciousness," and it is the foundation for personal empowerment.

One of my favorite elements of full body cleansing is that it works on all levels, empowering individuals to find the space in between thought and reaction. It provides the opportunity to stop, take a breath, and to look at what just went through the mind and the associated inner emotional experience. In this place of stillness, there is a newfound freedom to DECIDE... is this thought serving me? Is this choice I am about to choose, or am choosing, really serving me on a cellular level, at the very depth of my being?

In the stillness is an opportunity for awakening, to make a new choice, and to take a fresh approach and positive action to move in the direction of goals and dreams.

This is Empowerment. This is Liberation. This is ENLIGHTENMENT.

Eventually we have to take an honest look at why we are not realizing our goals. It is important to ask from a place of neutral observation:

What are my thoughts about this situation?
What are my thoughts about myself as it relates to this situation?
What are my thoughts about myself in general?
What does this mean to me?
If I realize this goal-what will be the end result?
How will my life be different?

If you ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly, you just might be surprised by what comes to the surface. The good news is you will know your starting place, and will be empowered to adjust anything in your inner experience that may need an update, or a "recalibration."

Personal empowerment is about far more than a successful a plan of action, it requires a plan of self-care which involves a solid foundation of positive thought. In building the foundation, the master ingredient is always one's relationship to oneself. For the lens through which we see ourselves, and thus interpret our lives, will ultimately dictate if we are willing to live our potential.