The Four Benefits of Failure

In our society there exists a phobia of “failing”. Everywhere we turn, we are fed these stories of success. We hear about the top 5 millionaires, top 10 entrepreneurs, top 10 artists and the list goes on and on. But why aren’t we provided the same amount of information or stories when it pertains to “Failure”. Why?

Even though I pose this question. I am the first to admit, my obsession with researching what makes people determined to succeed in the midst of adversity. In my case, I have failed at many things, its part of being a risk taker and living outside the “box”. And the craziest thing is, I would never take back any of those failures. Why? Because I grew from those experiences. I learned more about myself through them. And later on in life, I can look back and say, “Hey, I really lived life!”  But even with all that being said, I still experience moments of doubt. I believe its due to the conditioning we experienced based on our society’s hang-up with the concept of “Failure”.

So, this year I thought lets do something different! Instead of running away from failure, or becoming paralyzed by the thought of failing, lets embrace it!  Let’s shift the meaning of this word “failure” from lack of success to on our way to success. Let’s discuss the 4 major benefits of Failure!

No. 1: Failure Teaches You a Lesson. Every single time I failed I learned something new from that experience. Through failing I acquire knowledge that I would have never gained otherwise. When I try again, I notice it gives me an extra boost because now I am better equipped then I was last time. We learn to take on a new perspective- of knowing we are ahead of the game. Why? Because now we are what others call “experienced”.

No. 2: Failure Makes You Build Character. Through my failures I have learned how to be humble. I learned to be more compassionate towards myself and others. I adapted an attitude and the belief that as humans we all go through failures and by no means does this define us as a person. You begin to carry yourself differently. Instead of walking with your head down after a set-back, you will now hold your head up high. Why? Because you know you got this next time around!

No. 3: Failure Uncovers Your Purpose. By failing in certain areas of my life, I realized it helped me develop a clear vision of the path I wanted to take. There were certain goals I kept attaching myself to, even though they weren’t serving my purpose. Failing made me re-evaluate the direction I was going in. Therefore, allowing me to let go of what I no longer needed. Those failures gave me a new found focus towards my passion.

No. 4: Failure Allows You to Become Fearless. Once I failed and hit rock bottom, I thought, now that this “thing” I feared the most happened, what is there left to be afraid of? Many of the failures I experienced taught me how to question and confront my fears. I would ask myself- What if I started taking risks towards goals that aligned with my purpose? What would happen? Who knows I just might succeed! And if not, I know I’m one step closer towards my dream.

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