The 4 Cs of Social Media Success

The great news is, there are not thousands of things you need to know. There aren't hundreds. There aren't even dozens. Today, I'm going to share the four Cs to Social Media Success.
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We live in an exciting time. Social media has changed everything. No other time in history has it been so easy to share your passion with the world, grow a business, or even start a movement. The challenge though, is the world has become noisy. It can be difficult to stand out. What can you do to get people to find, respect, remember, and stick with you?

The key is understanding principles of social media. The great news is, there are not thousands of things you need to know. There aren't hundreds. There aren't even dozens. Today, I'm going to share the four Cs to Social Media Success. These four principles are the foundation to anything you do -- whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, or any other social platform. Understand them, and stand out from the crowd.

I recently got to attend a party in New York City with "Uncle G," Grant Cardone. We started talking about what keeps people stuck, unknown, and standing still in their business. This is what he said. "The biggest problem is not that they don't have a great product. It's not that they're not a great person. The problem is obscurity." The problem is most people just don't know who you are! Your job is to get noticed. If you want to be known on social media, you need to do more than just have a profile and scroll through your newsfeed. Actually BE ON social media. Create and post your own content. Show who you are. Tell your story. Give value.

Content is king. Without content, you don't exist.

Context is the most misunderstood piece of social media. Here's what you need to know--it's not just about what you're doing on social media, but also where and how. You may hand out your business cards at a networking meeting. But do you think it's a good idea to pass out your cards at a funeral service? It's great to kiss your spouse. But what about kissing someone else's spouse? Whether something is well-received or not all depends on context.

The same rules apply to social media. Context is everything. Just because you can share a YouTube link on Facebook does not mean you should try to share a YouTube link on another social platform like Snapchat. Each platform is has its own language--its own context. Your goal is to figure out the context, and create content within that context. That's how you get people to notice you, like you, and share you.

Without using the right context, you're not respected. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, "yes content is king. But context is God!"

When you think of a big yellow "M" in the fast-food space you automatically think of McDonald's. When you think of a famous red soda can, you automatically know "Coca Cola." How have they dominated that space in our mind? Consistency. Consistency has two parts. Number one, it's essential to be consistent in your messaging, what you stand for, and who you are. Two, it's posting content often. No one remembers a flash in the pan. If you're always changing, no one will know how to categorize you in their mind. Give value, and then do it over, and over, and over, and over again. The key is to develop the discipline of consistency.
Without consistency, you're not remembered.

After a long travel day, a man named Peter Shankman jokingly sent the following tweet to Morton's Steakhouse, "Hey @Mortons - can you meet me at Newark Airport with a porterhouse when I land in two hours? K, thanks. :)" He sent the tweet with the same jest we have when we say "Dear winter, go way. Thanks." When Peter got off the plane he had the surprise of his life. A gentleman from Morton's dressed in a tuxedo had a fully prepared steak dinner waiting for Peter. "I. Was. Floored." Peter later wrote in a blog post. This is a perfect example of what social media is all about--connection. Do you think this left an impact on Peter? Not only did it make a connection with Peter, but also with countless others who have since read about this story.

Your social media is about these relationships -- these connections. Your goal is to connect with actual human beings. When you do it properly, just like in this story, your audience will sing your praises. Your brand sticks, and your business grows.

Without connection, your rise to fame won't last.

To stand out on social media, creating content will help you become known. Storytelling in the right context will help you become received and respected. Being consistent will help you be remembered. And making connections will be the glue that holds everything together -- and make it last. How you use these four Cs will determine your social media success. It's never been easier to put yourself out there. At the same time, it requires hard work. The only question is, are you going to put in the work to make it happen?

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