The Four Sister Wives Finally Confess That They're Creeped Out By Kody Brown's Sex Life With Them!

It took three seasons, but the jig is finally up. The polygamist wives on TLC'sshow revealed their true feelings on the latest episode.
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It took three seasons, but the jig is finally up. The polygamist wives on TLC's Sister Wives show revealed their true feelings on the latest episode.

Sister wives Meri #1, Janelle #2, Christine #3 and Robyn #4, vehemently swear that they love being sister wives on their show now in its third season. Christine even appeared on Anderson Cooper's CNN show last week, claiming up and down that she ALWAYS wanted to be a THIRD wife -- which she is.

But if that's really the case, why were the four wives practically gagging when they had to tour each others bedrooms as part of the show, last night, Oct. 2nd?

Robyn's bedroom seemed to make them especially squeamish, especially because Kody had left something on the nightstand.

As the wives admitted on the last episode -- many sister wives like to banish from their brains, the fact that their husband is having sex and full intimate relationships with his other wives, but that becomes unpleasantly difficult when a sister wife becomes pregnant.

Now, Robyn is pregnant and the other wives clearly got the creeps when they had to see her bed. The tours were for a part of the show in which Kody announces that the family has enough money for each wife to buy furniture for one room in each of their new houses.

How this unemployed family of one husband, four wives, and soon-to-be seventeen kids affords ANY new furniture for their four Las Vegas houses, I don't know , but the shopping expedition gave the wives more chances to diss Robyn. Janelle particularly gets her digs in at Robyn, pointing out that she, Janelle, is more like a man, like Kody in fact, when she shops -- she likes to just get in and get the job done. She's not indecisive.

She tells us that "Robyn's way of being kind of helpless with Kody" on the other hand, can bring out Kody's tenderness verses her own self sufficiency. It's a weird back-handed slap of a compliment.

Meanwhile Janelle continues to be freaked out by her own and the rest of the family's lack of employment after several months in Las Vegas. Not a surprise -- I would be too, if I was her ! She also has always lived to work and feels lost without her professional identity. Maybe that's another reason she's digging at younger, hotter, pregnant Robyn.

Sexual tensions are also a topic with the Brown's teens. Kody decided it's finally time for The Talk, even though he has several teens who are already 13, 14, and 15.

He tells them that they absolutely musn't be sexual until they have graduated from high school and even then, they shouldn't kiss because a "kiss is a commitment." His teens look very skeptical especially because they are clearly making friends with non-polyg kids and only one -- Meri's daughter Mariah -- aspires to be a sister wife.

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