The four walls containing Trump's fury

The last few days are showing how the resistance to the furious, insane and untrue statements of the President of the United States is starting to take shape. It will, over time, strengthen and contain Donald Trump's ability to make America less bad than he has made it since the beginning of his Presidency.
The independence of the judiciary branch
His constant unconstitutional attacks against the judiciary have taken many forms, calling judges "so-called judges", taking out of the White House website all reference to the judiciary branch, violations of the constitution and fight against the Courts ending in almost one hundred lawsuits against him.
However, he will not be able to destroy the judiciary branch and judges, on both sides, will continue to ensure that his knee-jerk executive orders, most of which have no legal effect, are contained within the law. The United States are not managed through executive orders, and he will soon find out the limitations if, as expected, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court reject the immigration ban as unlawful.
The appointment of a new member of the Supreme Court is plagued by politics: the refusal of the replacement proposed by the Obama administration whom the Republicans refused even to interview will be met in kind by the Democrats on his proposal, irrespective of the merits of the case.
The freedom of opinion
The White House is now in full unconstitutionality in the various moves it has tried to do to tell the media to "shut up" or as the President erupted yesterday, "hide terrorism". All this is of course in sharp contrast with the first amendment and the net result is a surge of revenue of the press he hates (New York Times, Washington Post or CNN), the hiring of even more aggressive research capabilities by all kinds of media who are going to investigate conflicts of interest, his direct management of his "empire", the First lady immigration status as well as her continuation of business, the "family circle" at the White House, his failed military intervention in Yemen.
The People of the United States of America and abroad will continue to demonstrate everywhere he will want to travel and he will be paid back in kind for his hatred and bullying. He does not have 100 days. He is already weak as a President for most of the US population who do not approve his actions.
The Republican Party is guilty of complacency and silence
The fascinating part of this situation is that very few Republicans lawmakers dare to express any form of dissenting opinion. Facing a risk of retaliation, they display cowardice. However, it will become central to the reelection of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate if he continues to destroy Republican conservative fiscal policy. Will they increase the debt ceiling that they refused to the Democrats, even blocking the Federal Government? Will they disenfranchise 20 million Americans by dismantling Obamacare? Will they continue to support discriminating immigration measures for legitimate Americans, green card holders or holders of visas?
The massive sale of US Treasuries has increased the 10-year US Treasury bond yield by 40% and will increase the budget deficit of the United States by 50%.
Unless the Gross Oppressive Party resurrects as a decent political movement and contains the President, their complacency might be deadly for the midterm elections.
The trumping of the corporate world
The first actions of the President of the United States were not making America great again, but weakening the global leadership of the US corporate world. More than 100 US companies including Google and Apple have jointly filed a legal brief against President Trump's temporary migration ban. His unhealthy fiscal policy and possible conflict with the Federal Reserve is increasing the value of the US dollar to the detriment of US exports. It is a direct result of the distrust of US Treasury bondholders. The threats against Mexico weakens the US car industry that might lose its competitiveness.

Inside those four more or less solid walls, a series of oppositions and attacks on the Presidency and from the White House against just about anybody, will provide ample opportunities to expose the mental stage of the President's mind and the white supremacists who dominate the White House. At the speed at which he has been having knee jerk reaction and shooting from the hip, Donald Trump will soon or later implode out of his own actions. His supreme narcissism is not sustainable.
If he can be contained, he might survive. The probability of this to happen is close to zero. Yesterday, talking to the military, he did not use his prepared notes and attacked the coverage of terrorism by the press. There is little doubt that his family and close advisors will exacerbate this state of mind and ultimately lead this Presidency to its own self-destruction.