The Fox News Comedy Roast of Caitlyn Jenner

Oh, I am laughing so hard! My sides hurt! I just finished watching the Fox News Channel's Comedy Roast of Caitlyn Jenner. Hilarious! Turning an individual's personal, lifelong journey into quick, tasteless jokes -- Stop! It is too funny!

Maybe you missed it. Fox News host Neil Cavuto broke the news of Jenner's Vanity Fair photos in a "Business Alert" segment on Monday afternoon. LOL! That business show just cracks me up, let me tell you! I always look for the best comedy (as well as the most sensitive updates about the LGBT community) on Fox's business report, don't you? Anyway, Neil Cavuto reacted to Jenner's magazine cover photo with a hilarious, mock-shocked outburst, "What the hell is going on?!" From that moment, I knew the audience was in for comedy gold!

Reporter Dagen McDowell picked up the comedy routine with a great punch line about Caitlyn stealing the spotlight from Kim Kardashian. McDowell joked that Caitlyn responded to Kim's pregnancy announcement by saying, "I can do you one better than that!" This is funny because it must be true. The entire Jenner/Kardashian clan must demean and belittle each other's big life announcements, right?

McDowell continued by misgendering Jenner repeatedly. "He looks hot!" she quipped, "Or she looks hot, rather!" This, of course, makes everyone laugh, doesn't it?! There is great humor to be found when you disrespect someone!

She then asked Cavuto what he thinks of Caitlyn's "very Playboy Bunny-esque" outfit on the Vanity Fair cover. And Cavuto said -- wait, stop! I can't even type this, because I am shaking with laughter! Ha, ha! Cavuto said, "Where is the time?!" in order to deflect the question! Ha, ha, ha!

"Where is the time?!" Oh, my! McDowell and Cavuto are a regular Abbott and Costello comedy team! "Where is the time?" is reminiscent of the classic "Who's on first?" routine. Clever. Hysterical. Priceless! "What the hell is going on?!" Hahahahahaha!

But the laughs did not stop there! Caitlyn Jenner waited 65 years to fully reveal her identity, so what does Cavuto do?! He minimizes Caitlyn's experience by jokingly introducing the next segment's commentator, Charles Payne, as Charlene Payne! That just tore the house down! Charlene -- ha, ha! I mean Charles! -- Charles let out a huge laugh over that one! The Fox News crew can be heard guffawing off-camera too! It is absolutely side-splitting entertainment to refer to a man with a woman's name, all in an effort to humiliate a woman for her 65-year personal struggle.

The comedy roast ended with a one-two punch that would make any comedian proud:

Payne: "It's the era that we're living in."

Cavuto: "Rome, final days. But that's fine."

Keep in mind: These two are unscripted, folks! They are improvising this brilliant repartee! Equating Jenner's transition with the fall of Rome is a real humdinger, a knee-slapper. These wisecrackers are funnier than Jon Stewart! When Jon leaves The Daily Show, I am going to turn to Fox News to get all the comedy I need.

I think the last time I laughed this hard was when, in the Supreme Court same-sex marriage hearing, Justice Antonin Scalia joked that it was "rather refreshing" when a protester yelled, "It's an abomination!" Lots of folks in the courtroom bust a gut over that one. Because, really, who wouldn't want to make jokes at the expense of the LGBT community at pivotal historical junctures, am I right?

The Fox News Comedy Roast of Caitlyn Jenner is the latest episode in a long line of transgender comedy gems from the news channel:

Making fun of something you do not fully understand is the basis of all good comedy. And the foundation for solid, trustworthy news reporting too.