The Frederic Whom I Knew

It's one of the saddest things to lose a friend. Especially if the friend was an amazing human being. I still can't comprehend it. He will never again answer my texts nor will I find him at his office, happy, singing to the tune that was being played on the radio.

Just a few weeks a go, at his house, he was showing me the latest additions to his art collection. I didn't think that it would be the last time I that would see Frederic.

We shared the same passion -- love for animals. To Frederic, his dogs were like his children. I know they will miss him a lot. Frederic would go to the nearby park with his dogs and if there was a homeless dog, he would have found a home at Frederic's house. One dog just showed up at Frederic's door. Frederic's immediate reaction was that it was meant to be part of his family.

Frederic was the best in what he did. He was a genius with no ego. It didn't matter if he was treating a movie star or a regular client -- everyone was equally important. And many times after I came to see him, there was no bill. He would simply say to me, "Enjoy!" He believed that we should always look the best we can.

I introduced most of my friends to Frederic. The same day, after they saw him, they would text me, "Thank you! Why didn't we go to see him before!"

I keep looking at the latest texts we exchanged. I cannot describe my sadness. And everyone who knew him feels the same way.

Frederic, I will miss you.

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