The Inside Story On How Marriage Equality Became A Reality In America

A new documentary examines how the battle to legalize same-sex marriage was won.

After four decades of fighting in and out of the courts, marriage equality finally became a reality across America in 2015.

Now a new documentary examines exactly how the battle to legalize same-sex marriage across the United States was won.

The Freedom To Marry,” a film by Eddie Rosenstein, features Evan Wolfson and Mary Bonauto, “the architect and the main litigator of the movement,” as described by a press release sent to The Huffington Post, “and their key colleagues from earliest days of their journey to their final frenetic dash to the US Supreme Court.”

Rosenstein and Wolfson recently joined The Huffington Post’s Noah Michelson for an intimate AOL Build chat to discuss how “The Freedom To Marry” came about, what other social movements can learn from the marriage equality victory and more.

Watch the conversation above and then head here for more info about “The Freedom To Marry,” which is currently playing in New York City and Los Angeles and which will soon arrive in theaters in 35 cities nationwide.

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